With cold weather approaching in some parts of the country, this is no excuse to stop team building! The indoors is just as ideal as the outdoors when it comes to holding team building events.

Often times, team building activities take place outdoors. However, many of these programs can also happen indoors. There is no better choice for where you should hold your activities but it is important to know how to choose the best option. Team building should be a fun and memorable time so make the most of it by researching indoor venues to use. A lot goes into finding the right place but it will all be worth it after your team building experience. Here are some things to keep in mind and tips for planning to stay indoors.

picture perfectThings to remember when hosting team building programs indoors

1. First and foremost, holding team building events indoors will always work because you never have to worry about inclement weather. The most important perk of choosing to host your activities indoors is that you will never be forced to reschedule! You also can’t change the outside weather. When dealing with extreme cold or heat outdoors thermostats will always allow for comfortable temperature inside, year round.

indoor team building

2. Indoor team building can be great for teams who have less physically active members. They may be a bit older, be handicapped, or just not have as full advantage as others. This could potentially lead to unfair teams during outdoor events. Everyone on the team should be accommodated so make sure the right team building program is chosen so everyone can benefit from it.

3. On many occasions, high energy team building exercises are held outdoors. This is usually because the outdoors can provide a much larger expanse of area and it’s always good to have the fresh air when you’re moving around. What if you want a team building event that is lower energy and that doesn’t require as much moving around? These types of exercises are just as effective as any other. Choose an indoor venue for a more calm and relaxed team building event. It’s nice to mix up the styles of events because there are countless ways to build teams!

clean corporate comedians

4. Convenience is a huge factor that comes into play when choosing where to hold a team building event. Living in the city might challenge you to find an open area large enough to bring your team. Focus on finding an indoor venue where everyone will be comfortable with enough room to participate in the activities.


Indoor and outdoor events have similarities and differences and it’s important to know both. There are different ways of going about finding the perfect place to hold your team building programs. A few helpful tips should get you on the right path to finding your venue.

Tips for planning indoor team building events

1. Budget should be top on the top of your list when it comes to finding the perfect indoor venue for your team building program. Research venues that will accommodate all of your needs without overspending.

2. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible and has sufficient parking for everyone on the team. You don’t want to waste valuable time trying to find parking spaces at a venue so make sure you have this information before hand.teamprov

3. Find out how much space you’ll need for your team building program so everyone fits comfortably. A venue too large will leave you overspending your budget and a venue too small will hinder people from participating.

4. Check to make sure the venue’s layout will accommodate the team building program you’ve chosen. Also, make sure there are handicapped accessible bathrooms and doors. Making sure there is enough space is crucial step in finding the right venue.

While you may think the outdoors is the only and best option for holding your team building activities, think again. You will be pleasantly surprised to know you can build a strong team indoors, too!


Molly Chronister

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