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Meet the Team: Julie Fireman

How long have you been with TeamBonding? I joined TeamBonding 8 months ago.   What is your most memorable TeamBonding experience? My favorite TeamBonding experience so far has been watching an Outrageous Games event at Gillette Stadium. The energy, enthusiasm, and pure fun was awesome to witness.   What do you do with your free […]

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Meet the Team: Verena Pohl

How long have you been with TeamBonding? I started at the end of January 2016.   What is your most memorable TeamBonding experience? The very first week I started I had the opportunity to attend a Charity Bike Build event in Boston. It was such a great experience to see the program live – the best […]

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Meet the Team: Lori Brightman

How long have you been with TeamBonding? 7 months What is your most memorable TeamBonding experience? My first month was November and we all went to David and Wendy’s house for “Thanksgiving” dinner a few nights before Thanksgiving Day.  I was touched to see what a family everyone was.  It was nice to hear stories […]

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Meet the Team: Emily DeCarolis

How long have you been with TeamBonding? I’ve been here for about 4 months now, since February 2016.   What do you do with your free time? Oh, a number of different nerdy things. I collect comics, and do a lot of the stuff that goes along with that. I went to Boston Comic Con […]

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Plan A Successful Intern Orientation

One of the most significant advantages of hiring interns is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent. A survey from Bridge states, employers have reported converting more than half of qualified interns into full time hires. However, interns must learn about the company, position and interact with staff members to make this happen. This […]

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5 Tips for a Greener Office

The end of April brings with it Earth Day, a day in which we focus on the environmental and ecological impact of the things we do in our day lives. This year’s Earth Day falls on Friday, April 22, and offers a great opportunity to bring your workplace together in the name of a greener future. […]

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The Charity Programs

One of my personal favorites is the Charity Bike Build. This week we presented it again to a company, who was actually the first client to purchase this program ten years ago. It has gone through its revisions and updates and is always open for client customization; however, the basic premise remains the same. That […]

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DIY Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Your Next Company Event

We are proud to announce the official release of the Mobile Adventures by TeamBonding app. Here at Teambonding we want to provide the best service to all our clients, even those on a tight budget. The Mobile Adventures by TeamBonding app combines scavenger hunt ideas we’ve designed for you and some DIY aspects that you’ll be […]

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Remember the Wordless Wednesday question we posted on the hump-day? We asked: “According to the National Retail Federation, how much money have families with school-age children been projected to spend on preparing for back to school?” I’m sure the parents out there remember this question. I doubt they’d be shocked at the answer either. Read […]

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Unleash Your WHY…

From the moment you learn to talk, the most recited word in your vocabulary is “WHY?” As a relentlessly curious child this burning question plagues your parents as you pester them. WHY? WHY? WHY? You want understanding, for things to make sense, for the world not to seem like one big question mark. As adults, […]

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