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Charity Bike Build

The World's Greatest Team Building Program

Program Overview

Charity Bike Build — now in its 10th year!

Bike Build At this charitable bike build event, we get teams in gear by arming them with wrenches and enthusiasm as they race to build the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rockets: children’s bicycles!

Our Charity Bike Build program facilitators have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build children’s bicycles for charity around the world. We’ve helped our clients build more than 15,000 bikes and we’re still counting!

Many of us likely have fond memories of being given our very first bicycle, maybe as a birthday or Christmas present, with a big bow on the handlebars. And summers were spent riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends and family. But for many impoverished families throughout America, it’s tough enough to pay for food and rent, let alone luxuries like bicycles. So many children never get to experience this cherished pastime. That’s where you come in! That’s where your Charity Bike Build event can really make a difference!

For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-9, the bikes you build will be their first one ever!

We often partner with charities such as Boys and Girls Clubs and Bikes for Tykes to make these dreams come true, but we’d be more than happy to partner with a local charity of your choice.

New Option: Green Machines!

Get ready for spin action with the Huffy 20″ Green Machine, which features a durable steel frame with stylish black and lime green accents and dual-stick steering for awesome 180-degree spins!Team Green Machine

Ask your Account Manager about adding Green Machines to your Charity Bike Build today.



Group Size

15 - 1,000

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

20 square feet of open space per participant is a good guideline. The Charity Bike Build can be indoors or outdoors – your office building, a ballroom or a conference room.

Ideal For
  • Annual events
  • Retreats and celebrations
  • Conferences

Venue Coordination – If the program is held outdoors, logistics and coordination with venue including plans to address variables (wind, sun, distractions, potential plan “B” for rain etc.)

Donation – We handle all coordination with the charity regarding the donation of the bikes and helmets.

Kids – We make every attempt to have the charity representative and children present to receive the bikes at the conclusion of the program.

Many of our clients who have already done this event, do it again with different departments. Others, check out Wheel Chairs in Motion

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