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Teambonding FAQs

Need help planning the perfect team building event? Contact our team of solution experts to determine the perfect program for you!

  • Where is TeamBonding located?

    Boston is still home base. We also have regional offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco. Our network of professional facilitators covers most major U.S. and Canadian cities.
 But travel is a normal part of our work – we’ve created wildly successful events as far away as Sydney and Singapore.

  • Who are your facilitators?

    Our professional facilitators are a special breed – intelligent, articulate, contagiously energetic and unfailingly gracious. Each has the experience and sensitivity needed to balance corporate realities with pure, unbridled fun. Each is equipped to keep your comfort level very high while achieving the desired results.
 And each is on a mission to make sure your TeamBonding event will be the first of many.

  • What if our people just don't like group programs?

    Don’t sweat it. There’s an art to this, and it’s safe to say we have it down. Typically, you’ll see most or all attendees joining within minutes. Often the ones you least expect end up taking on active roles and enjoying themselves the most. Which makes it even more fun for everyone else.

  • How much lead time do you need?

    How much time do you have? But seriously, more is always better. Sometimes a client will call us six months in advance, then apologize for waiting till the last minute. The next client may need to schedule a crucial team building activity for next Wednesday. Remember, we jump through hoops for a living. But you’re still better off contacting us now, even if it’s just to ask a couple of questions.

  • How much does TeamBonding charge?

    TeamBonding is different than most team building companies. In a nutshell, our program fees start at $2,800. But! We offer many options. There are lots of variables to consider: which program? for how many? where are you hosting your event? do you want trophies and other prizes?

    Bottom line: we can get you a ballpark quote quickly. You can also access free resources, innovative new programs in “beta” at a reduced rate, and DIY options in our store without leaving We’re your definitive team building resource!

    We believe in building relationships. Here’s what you can expect:
    – No pushy sales team.
    – Free event management support.
    – Guides to help you with planning, available 24/7.
    – Dedicated facilitators.
    – A simple quote process.

  • How long do your programs last?

    The length of typical programs ranges from 1.5 hours up to a full day. Most programs run 3 hours or less. We also need around 2 hours for setup, along with an hour or so to break everything down afterwards.

  • Can we weave our company messaging into an event?

    Absolutely. We can creatively incorporate your tagline, new product launch theme or other branding elements into pretty much any TeamBonding event. Some clients even ask us to customize entire games or activities to support specific messaging. Every solution is different – we’d love to talk about yours.

  • Is there a winning team? Do you give out prizes?

    Many of our programs include a competitive element. Winners are typically determined by accumulated points throughout the event. It’s never obvious which team is winning till the very end, because teams have a wide variety of opportunities to earn points – some objective, some more subjective. But the competition is always friendly, with the ultimate focus on the outcome.

    We don’t furnish prizes, aside from bragging rights. Some clients do choose to sweeten the pot by giving out modest prizes to winning teams. We suggest keeping the cash value of these prizes low — $5 – $25. Gift certificates for Starbucks, iTunes or any local business work well. Another popular approach is to make a donation to a local charity in your winning team’s name.

  • How do you choose charities for charitable events?

    Some of our programs were designed with a specific charitable partnership in mind. But we’re happy to work with the charitable organization of your choice. If you don’t have one, we’ll contact charities local to you and recommend a good fit.

  • Can we hold our event at TeamBonding?

    One of TeamBonding’s greatest strengths is that we come to you. Many of our programs can be done at your office, depending on how much space is available. Other times another nearby venue makes more sense. We’ve staged successful events at countless hotels, restaurants, convention centers and theme parks across the US. But the best answer will come from one of our super-helpful Account Managers.


  • I’m looking for a program on a larger scale than what is offered in your shop and would like you to speak with someone to facilitate an event. Where would I begin?

    Please e-mail us at

  • When will my product ship?

    Most orders ship within 24-48 hours.

  • I ordered a product that needs to be downloaded, I received an order confirmation but did not receive the download.

    Please reach out to Shannon DuPont,

  • I have a questions regarding billing for my order. Who should I contact?

    Please e-mail us at

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