Ideas For Planning Company Summer Outings

The workplace can be stressful at times and it’s important for employees to step outside the office to recharge. With summer generally considered to be a more carefree time, it’s a perfect season to host a company outing. Summer outings can be entertaining, but also establish a more interactive and positive workplace. Summer is right around the corner, and this is a great time to consider your outing plans! Find out how to get a jump start on planning your summer outings for companies below!

Benefits Of Hosting A Summer Outing

When your employees are able to develop meaningful relationships and connect with colleagues, it can have a profound affect on the workplace.

Building a cohesive team is a never ending process and it is important to consistently make sure your team is working well together and reaching goals smoothly. Employees interact everyday at work, but a summer outing can be a catalyst for more team chemistry.

Parallel to the old saying “all work and no play”; everyone needs time off to relax outside the office. Summer outings provide fun and festivities to reduce employee burn out. Once it’s time to get back to the everyday grind, everyone should feel renewed. Outings can create more energy in the workplace, leading to happier teams!

A report from RedBalloon/AltusQ found that companies with high employee engagement levels were up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.

3 Things To Consider When Planning A Summer Outing

#1 Know Your Employees

Is your office predominately male or female? What do you think your employees would enjoy doing outside the office? Do your employees have families – would you consider inviting children or spouses?

#2 Evaluate The Importance

Are you planning an outing for team building or for your employees to meet across departments? Would you consider a weekend long retreat or a Friday afternoon barbecue?

#3 Don’t Settle For “Nice” When You Want “Fun”

You can have all the “tools” (location, games, and food), but how you use the “tools” will make all the difference. Develop a goal to create an event where everyone is actively involved and enjoying a memorable day.

Ideas for Your Next Summer Outing

#1 Volunteering

Spending time helping others, isn’t just good for the soul, but also supports healthy team bonding. Place-based399979387_360d3fdeb1_o volunteering opportunities include a weekend retreat with Habitat for Humanity, soup-kitchens, or organizing a book drive for local school libraries. Need some help planning a philanthropic event? Check out the Do Good Bus.

#2 Barbecue Or Picnic

Everyone loves great food and eating a meal together can improve employee relations. Try to think outside the box from the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad menu. Have your event catered and advertise it as a mystery meal to keep people interested! Better yet, check out the various Team Cuisine menus that your team can enjoy!

#3 Laser Tag

What better way to get your adrenaline pumping then a fun game of laser tag? Not only is laser tag fun, but it will allow your employees to use their logistical and strategy skills, as well as teamwork! Want something even more interactive? Check out Live-Action Adventures & Escape Games.

#4 Kayaking Or Canoeing

This is a great activity if you work with adventurous people. Spending time on the water is a great way to relax on a beautiful, summer day. Many public rivers have boathouses with rentals, encourage your employees to tandem with someone they do not know! Step it up a notch with Corporate Survivors.

Many people live in places that they have never toured.  Embrace your city! Why not take a Duck Boat tour or Segway around? it will be fun to act silly and you might even learn something new about your city!

Your Next Summer Outing Should Be Fun And Incorporate Team Building Activities Everyone Will Enjoy. 

Plays well with these activities...

Do Good Bus

Group Size: 20 – 40/bus
Time: 4 – 5 hours

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Corporate Survivor

Group Size: 24-240
Time: 2 hours

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