Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt

Mad Dash is a scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone technology with office gamification to engage participants. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status, and self-expression in a fun and compelling way.

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Not your classic scavenger hunt

The Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt is uniquely created by our team for your team wherever you may be.

This high-tech scavenger hunt is perfect for a team looking to work on strategy and time management skills while having fun exploring your city and experiencing a little friendly competition. With the latest technology, convenient gameplay, and a flexible location all while focusing on core team building skills – why look any further?

First, teams will meet with their Lead Facilitator and staff to play an icebreaker game, go over the rules, and receive their missions. One person from each team will need to download the app on their phone in order to view the interactive map. Once teams have their materials, they will head out to complete challenges, trivia, and tasks already set up within the app.

Teams then get to experience a fast-paced adventure around the location of your choice taking memorable photos and videos along the way. Teams might need to film themselves making music, finding a state quarter, creating an optical illusion involving a team member, or answering a company-specific question.

But…it’s not that easy. Along the way, our game master will release new challenges. Some challenges may unlock others, some may involve a choice, and some could come at a cost. Once teams arrive at the final location, we’ll lead a wrap-up complete with a slideshow of photos and videos taken throughout the hunt and the announcement of the winning team.

Team size
  • 10-Unlimited with teams of 5-10 participants.
Time needed
  • 2-2.5 hours
Space requirement

Our hunts can be staged nearly anywhere. Having one large area where teams can all gather to kick things off and explain the rules is helpful. This is also where everyone will end up for the final point tally and awards. If you have offices spread across the country (or around the world), we’ll handle this part virtually.

Ideal for
  • Team away days
  • Training & development
  • Friendly competition
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games that can last a day, a week more

We can personalize your Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt with images, questions, and challenges to address any objective. Do you want fun and crazy? No problem. Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit more serious, with measurable team outcomes. Our sophisticated in-app feedback module was built for you. We can even wrap the whole event in your company’s brand identity, for a truly personalized adventure.

Dare to Dash!

Monster Mad Dash is a ghoulishly fun twist on our hunt to celebrate Halloween with your team.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Explore your spooktacular neighborhood and create magical memories that will last well beyond October 31st! Monster Mad Dash is a ghoulishly fun scavenger hunt to get your team into the spirit of Halloween.

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