Go Team – High Tech Scavenger Hunts

Arm your teams with iPads, a GPS enabled app., & fun along the way!

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One of the coolest benefits of Go Team is it can be run anywhere in the world, and even in multiple locations at the same time as we have the same technology in 90 countries.  This is the perfect solution for companies with offices spread out across the country or even around the world. Wherever people are participating, we recommend you finish at a bar/restaurant for drinks, post-race storytelling, and winner recognition.

Group Size

20 - 1,200

Time Needed

2+ hours

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Space Requirement

These hunts can be run virtually anywhere. Teams will need a space in the beginning, to gather and get the instructions for the hunt.

Ideal For

Our Go Team Mobile Adventures app is the smartest of the smart events app on the market, making it ideal for:

  • Team away days
  • Training & development
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games with a difference that can last a day, week, month or year
  • Fully customized events


  • We can personalize your Go Team with content to fulfill any objective, whether it’s through images, questions or challenges.
  • Do you want fun and crazy?  No problem – we are a creative team with ideas to match!
  • Maybe you want something more serious with measurable team outcomes? Consider it done through our sophisticated in-app feedback module.
  • We can wrap it all up in your brand identity to make this the most personalized event you have ever been on.
  • Ask about our multi-city and global options.
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Book an Indoor Hunt

Have an Indoor scavenger hunt with an interactive twist as your team works together to navigate around the venue; answer questions, complete tasks, and tap into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn your team valuable points.

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Customize Your Go Team Hunt

Hunts can be delivered on an iPad, or as a smartphone hunt! And, they are the perfect way to explore an area of interest and incorporate custom company information.

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Book An Outdoor Hunt



Scroll down for more info on all the choices of themes the Go Team hunt offers.  All of the hunts are customized to your team, to the city or location of your choice and to your company with customized branding.

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Explore, learn, compete – a unique and interactive way to explore your city whilst building your team. Enjoy a hunt with a conventional twist, indoors, outdoors or both.

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Loosely based on the TV hit The Amazing Race teams choose their own route through the race completing challenges as they go, teams can buy short cuts, but wrong answers will incur detours and road blocks.

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Shopping has never been so much fun AND rewarding! Think globally and act locally while tackling clues and missions all designed to benefit a local charity.

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A top secret scavenger hunt designed to get teams working together to complete missions and help catch a spy.

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Looking for a unique event that can be run on-site at a museum, a zoo, an amusement park? Then our Go Team Venue Explorer is just for you!

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Throw the Best Holiday Party, Ever! Whatever you and your team celebrate, this is the holiday hunt for the rest of us. This is a seasonal event and will return in November 2019.

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Teams are stranded on an island. To escape they must spot a passing ship and send it a signal. While they wait, they need to adapt to island life to survive.

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Action packed, GPS triggered escape trail that challenges teams to puzzle their way back to reality. Teams navigate a ‘real world’ adventure trail to escape a ‘virtual world’ mirrored on their iPad interface.

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The mob are looking for your team now. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have 90 minutes to get your story straight and determine the exact time you were the place. If you can work out who stole the diamonds you will certainly be let off.

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Mix pub trivia, pub crawl, scavenger hunt and double dose of fun on the rocks. TeamBonding's pub crawl is a great opportunity to show your competitive edge.

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Enjoy a new take on the classic board game we all know and love. Team-Opoly is a fast-paced scavenger hunt game that is not actually played on a "board".

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Whether your team has 50 people or 5,000, is based in North America or the rest of the world – we’ve run custom-made solutions on beaches, remote islands and in world-famous museums – some lasting for days others just a number of hours. We are up for the challenge!

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Epic iPhone, iPad Facilitated Scavenger Hunts

Go Team. The latest in Amazing Race-Scavenger Hunt Style events which arms teams with iPads and a high tech GPS enabled App!

The Go Team high-tech scavenger hunt is the perfect way for teams to explore their surroundings using an iPad with a custom app to navigate to various GPS “hotspots” to unlock tasks. Challenges, which can put the spotlight on the event area, wrap in photos, videos, trivia, music, and more! Teams can watch their progress on a live leaderboard until shortly before the event ends when teams meet back up where the winning team will be revealed.

Go Team Outdoor Hunts

The streets of the city are your playground for your team to explore, learn and compete against other teams in our unique city scavenger hunt. Armed with our app as your guide, this is a scavenger hunt with an interactive twist as you work together to locate the city based hotspots, answer questions and earn points.

So many themes to choose from in the city of your choice. Will your team explore the city, hunt a spy, play Team-Opoly with the city as the game board; explore the pubs of your city; escape a maze, island or from the mob?

Go Team Indoor Hunts

There's an indoor hunt for every team and every venue. Our creative game designers and facilitators can turn any area into a high tech scavenger hunt filled with interaction and adventure. Our Day at the Museum hunt takes you on an adventure around the world's greatest museums and aquariums. Our Around the World hunt challenges you to travel the world without leaving your chosen venue or location. Escape the Maze, the Island or the Mob indoors or out.

Scroll down to choose and have us tailor the theme hunt of your choice.


Be your name Google, Apple or PWC
or Genzyme, Nike, J&J or GE,
You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your scavenger hunt team is waiting.
So...get on your way!

Oh the Places You'll Go...

And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)

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Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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