Meet the TeamBonding team.

That’s an understatement. But as a team, we all share a real passion for innovation, creativity and fun. We know firsthand how great it feels to be engaged and energized. To feel that warm glow that comes from having a clear sense of purpose. So is it any wonder we’re on a mission to share all of this with teams like yours?

David Goldstein

C.O.O., Creator of Opportunities

Wendy Goldstein

Operations Manager

Nancy Fitzgerald


Samantha Goldstein

Sales Team Lead

Dustin Reason

Client Relations Manager

Katie Parker

Client Relations Manager

Julie Fireman

Account Manager

Jenna Gould

Client Relations Manager

Jayne Hannah

Director of Virtual Events

Paul Giroux

Director of Facilitator Training

Shannon Lane DuPont

Director of Program Development

Karlie O’Driscoll

Event Operations Coordinator

Baylee Goldstein

Senior Manager of CSR Programming

Emilie DeVito

Event Manager, TeamBondingCSR

Amanda Deiratani

Marketing Manager

Anna Webber

Marketing Coordinator

Andrea Velez

Executive Admin

Cabe Nolan

Website Developer

Sarah Murdoch


Meet our facilitators.

Team Building Facilitators from New York to San Diego and everywhere in-between. TeamBonding Facilitators are chosen because they have the ability to be supportive and foster connections both with and between those around them. They understand that team building is not merely about having a "feel-good moment" during the team building activity; it’s about having that moment, building that bond, and maintaining it beyond the team building event.

Let's talk.

There’s a good chance one of our customized team building events is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re always here to help.

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