Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

Tee it Up for Charity!

This is one of our favorite and most rewarding programs that combines team building, golf and charity. In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility, this program uses canned goods and non-perishable packaged food, items as part of the materials to build each course segment. After the event, the food will be donated your chosen local charity.

build your own mini-golf for charityLooking to combine team building, philanthropy and the popular sport of golf? The Build Your Own Golf Course program has always been a popular and well received team building event and now it has a charitable, give-back component.

This program is a fun, socially responsible team builder, requiring your group to design and create unique one-of-a-kind mini golf holes. Green “carpeting” is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns and special obstacle challenges. 

The idea here is to make each hole fun, challenging, and conceptual. We provide a rich assortment of non-perishable food items that teams will use to build their hole of the course. Once the final course has been constructed, teams select representatives to actually play and score the course.

At the conclusion of the tournament all of the food items are packaged by each team and donated to a local food bank or homeless shelter.  The event has an incredible effect on the local communities and the food banks.

So, whether you birdie, bogie or hole in one, your team will all feel like pros in this better-than-PGA golf classic!

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Group size

24 – 300

Time needed

2 hours

Space requirements

Minimum 2,000 sq. ft. space, indoors or outside.  We recommend 25 sq ft per person for this program.

“Please share my appreciation and testimonial for a job well done for our meeting today. This activity and staff exceeded our expectations and delivered great. Our team had so much fun and we received awesome comments on how great the golf activity was. The staff was fun, exciting, the music was great and the facilitators were awesome. Thank you so much and a job well done!!!!”

imgres-1 R.C., Lincoln Financial Group

“A special thank you to our facilitator Scott for a “Wonderful” event! He started with great ice breakers, and kept the group engaged.  Everyone loved the build a miniature golf course event. No one checked out! They were still talking about the event at dinner and into the next day! We really enjoy it and all had a great time!”

Siemens logo G.V. Siemens Industry, Inc.

“Build Your Own Mini Golf Course was so much fun. Paul and his team did an outstanding job with less time than we ever thought possible. I heard it was ‘the best sales conference ever,’ which is like music to our ears. Each member of your team is outstanding. Great job and thanks for everything!”

fedex W.G. – FedEx
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