Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Divide is a powerful team building activity which requires teams to employ clever project management. They need to build a bridge to customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers, and strict timelines.

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Event Overview

Collaborative Teamwork to Build the Ultimate Bridge

We have all promised to cross that bridge when we came to it, but what do we do when that bridge comes to us, in pieces? If you’re like us, you look for the duct tape, but that alone won’t do it.  You’ll have to call on collaboration, communication, resource management, and some creative inspiration to get the job done. Bridging the Divide is a fun, engaging, hands-on game with very powerful metaphors – where all departments of your company strive towards their own goals, but also play a vital role in the bigger picture.

This powerful team building activity requiring teams to employ clever project management and customer relationship skills to build a bridge that meets customer specifications. In doing this they need to manage limited resources, communication barriers, and strict timelines. Bridges are creatively designed, decorated and branded by each team, with awards being given for the most creative engineering design, best branding, and most efficient use of resources. In the end, the bridge needs to be big enough, strong enough and stable enough to allow a large remote-controlled vehicle to safely cross it.

This event presents a challenging exercise where each team is both a supplier and a customer. The end goal is fully collaborative, and success requires ongoing customer relationship management and an understanding of the effects of good or poor communication. It’s a fun, engaging, hands-on event with very powerful metaphors where all departments of an organization strive to accomplish their own goals while also playing a vital role in the bigger picture.

Event Details

Group Size

40 – 500

Time Needed

2.5 – 4

Space Requirement

This is an indoor activity so we will need a large, private function space with a round table for each team, as well as 4 large rectangular tables at the front of the room for challenge materials. Chairs for each participant are required. If the group is larger than 50 people we will need a microphone and speaker setup, and strongly suggest a riser for an elevated stage.

Ideal For

This event is perfect for groups looking to:

  • Support strategic planning
  • Improve cross-functional cooperation
  • Practice risk and resource management
  • Focus on planning versus action



As with all TeamBonding events, we are happy to customize this event by incorporating your company message into the introduction and debrief.

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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