Chain Reaction

Rube Goldberg Team Building Event

The inspiration from Rube Goldberg has become a real experience: Chain Reaction is a team building program devised by TeamBonding and already used with great success by companies believing in the project as a stimulus to develop their resources through creativity in teamwork.

Chain Reaction is full of hands on action designed to get teams thinking out of the box, being resourceful & solution focused.



Chain Reaction is an energetic and strategic event full of mind-bending challenges that will result in a strong feeling of success and accomplishment for your teams.

In this program, teams will compete against one another to design and assemble their own working “fantastic contraption.” This deliberately engineered apparatus will be designed to perform a very simple task in a very complex fashion (think elaborate chain reaction, or “domino effect”).

This program provides the perfect opportunity to ignite core company values among your team. Participants must communicate seamlessly, troubleshoot their designs, and find a perfect balance between uniqueness, functionality, and attention to detail.  Components must be assembled in just the right way for the individual mechanisms to work. Later the teams must work together to find the correct sequence of mechanisms, so that, once launched each element will trigger the next in a chain reaction building to an explosive finale!

This program was inspired by a Rube Goldberg machine, which is a mechanical device that is continually moving and performs a simple task in a complex way. *Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist and a Pulitzer Prize winner for political satire in 1948, was the first person to depict these bizarre mechanisms in his drawings, applying his engineering experience, and they still bear his name.

The inspiration has become a real experience: Chain Reaction is a team building devised by Teambonding and already used with great success by companies believing in the project as a stimulus to develop their resources through creative teamwork.

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Group size


Time needed

2-3 Hours

Space requirements

This program can be held in your office building, a ballroom or conference room. 20 sq. feet per participant is a good guideline.

“Everything went very well. Kiku was fantastic. Chain Reaction was a blast!”

helix medical D. C., Helix Medical

“Your team was excellent and the overall feedback was very well received.  We are a competitive group, and your team was able to handle us just fine!”

Stanley-Works-Buys-Black-and-Decker K.C. – Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

“The program was great and we have referred you to other colleagues so you might be getting some additional business through referrals.  We will also keep you in mind for future events as they come up.”

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