We use the power of play to create memorable team building experiences that are fun and effective.
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Coca-cola, google, intel, apple and mcdonalds completed team building events.American express, visa, disney and ford held company team building events.

Team Building & The Power of Play

Through our team building activities, events, and ice breakers, we will help the members of your team create bonds that are as authentic as they are deep. We believe that play creates the most effective teamwork at work. Learn more

Professional Facilitators

TeamBonding Facilitators understand that team building is about building a bond, and maintaining it beyond the team building event. Our Facilitators are chosen because they have the ability to be supportive and foster connections both with and between those around them. Learn more

We’re Team Building Pioneers

TeamBonding has been a team building innovator for more than 20 years. We continually redefine team building with unique events like Chocolate Company Challenge, Flash Teams, Ice Sculpting, GoTek High Tech Scaventures, Operation Military Care, School for Spies and more.


We provide the best team building activities across the US & Canada with local facilitators and staff. The map below highlights some of our most popular team building locations and you can click to see local events and preferred venues. Don’t see your city on the map? Our digital team has some catching up to do.

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Team Building & Charity

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Avoid New Employee BORE-ientation

According to the training firm Leadership IQ, “46% of rookies wash out in their first 18 months.” This was found by a study done over 3 years of 20,000 new hires. This could be due to the fact that …

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