Put the team back in teamwork.

100+ in-person, virtual, or hybrid corporate team building activities that enhance communication and build camaraderie.

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Bring your team together with virtual team building activities online.

Virtual Teams
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Collaborative team building between in-person and remote employees.

Hybrid Teams
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Foster better teamwork with everyone together in a single location.

In-Person Teams

Think of us as your custom team building event planner.

Planning in-person, online, or hybrid team building activities for 10, 100, 1,000 or more? Feeling like it all may be a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ll handle all the details to ensure your team building event happens without a hitch.

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Getting to
know you.

Your TeamBonding Account Manager will help you select the ideal activities that match your team’s goals and budget. Then, together, we narrow those options to an ideal event structure for your team.

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the details.

Based on the desired outcomes, your group’s size, locations (in-person, virtual/remote, or a hybrid of both), and any individual attendee needs, we work with you to custom tailor your event so it meets your team’s goals.

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the details.

Focusing in on the finer details, we work with you to assemble the plan of action and coordinate everything needed for a seamless, stress-free event. Don’t worry. We’ll do most of the driving. We just need a little help navigating your side of the map.

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Let the
bonding begin!

On the big day(s), our highly trained facilitators take the reins. It is obvious that they love what they do. It shows in their genuine, infectious enthusiasm that carries over into every activity, motivating your team, and helping you achieve your goals.

Virtual team building brings everyone together, no matter where they are.

Playing with a purpose.

Where work meets play.

Eventually, most of us grow up, find careers and settle in. Not a bad thing. But often, we also lose our ability to open up and have fun. Done right, facilitated team building activities with a purpose can dramatically increase on-the-job effectiveness and job satisfaction for everyone on the team.

Team building pioneers.

Team bonding since 1988.

More than 25 years ago, TeamBonding founder David Goldstein began applying proven principles of human behavior to teams of all shapes and sizes. The results spoke volumes. Today, TeamBonding continues to coordinate team building exercises and activities designed for maximum impact on company culture, employee engagement and retention, and job satisfaction.

Facilitated team building.

Experienced professionals.

Our talented event facilitators are a breed all their own -- part cheerleader, part therapist, and part camp counselor all wrapped into one, helping you every step of the way with boundless energy and grace. We go out of our way to hire the best-of-the-best. This is the reason companies just like yours keep coming back year after year, trusting us with their most valuable assets.


For more than 25 years, we have been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re building a new virtual team in this post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

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