Celebrating Teamsgiving: 5 Teamsgiving Ideas For the Office

5 Ideas For Celebrating Teamsgiving In The Office

Let’s bring Friendsgiving to the office and call it Teamsgiving!

Teamsgiving is a great way to show thanks to your hard-working team. The holiday season can get hectic for many companies, so it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the dedication and time your employees are putting into their work. Adding a fun element like Teamsgiving can make work more fun and increase morale to get through the rest of the year on a high note. The best part about hosting a Teamsgiving event is getting the chance to step away from the chaos and really get to know your coworkers. This is especially important for remote employees who don’t get the same experience as those who work in the office.

There are a TON of ways you can put together a Teamsgiving; it doesn’t have to be a traditional Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving style. Rather, it can be an activity during the day to give people a break, or something fun after work that everyone can look forward to. There’s no need to order 10 turkeys and make 10 pounds of stuffing. I mean, unless you want to.

TeamBonding is here to make sure your Teamsgiving isn’t dry. Here are 5 Teamsgiving ideas to send positive Thanksgiving wishes to your employees:

1. Fun Flavors

What’s a Thanksgiving, or Teamsgiving, celebration without delicious food? Host a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Or make it easy and order something in. By the end, you’ll be as stuffed as the turkey and stuck in conversation! In the past, TeamBonding has hosted Teamsgiving and invited our families to make it that much more special for everyone.

2. Holiday Cookie Decorating

This is a great Teamsgiving idea because who doesn’t love cookies? With the Holiday Cookie Decorating kit, you don’t have to even worry about baking and burning your cookies. All you have to do is decorate and nine times out of ten the worst decorated cookie tastes the best. Plus, this can be done in person or remotely.

3. Team Tile Station

One of our favorite activities to throw together is a tile station. Each team member chooses something they were grateful for and designs a tile based of their theme. Together, you’ll join the tiles to make a table that can placed in the office to serve as a daily reminder of how thankful you are.

4. Cook-Along

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving football? To make sure your team is all set and ready to go, try our Tailgating at Home Cook-Along. Together you’ll learn three great tailgating recipes you can use to show off your skills Thanksgiving Day. Crispy chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, and queso anyone?

5. Give Back

The best is always saved for last. As we look back at this past year it is important to think about what you are grateful for and remember there is a lot to be thankful for. Giving back to those in need allows your team to feel good about themselves while helping others. Thanksgiving isn’t about the food coma (even though it happens), it’s about being thankful for everyone around you. The best Teamsgiving idea is to find a cause that is important to your organization and give back. Here are a few of our favorites:

Happy Teamsgiving and Thanksgiving from your friends at TeamBonding. We’d love to see what your team does this year. Tag us on social media so we can share and all get in the holiday spirit together! As you can imagine, things are getting a bit busy in the TeamBonding offices. So we’re excited about our Teamsgiving too!

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