Play it Forward – The Giveback Game Show

Spark your excitement with this event based on the popular pricing game show, but with a charitable twist. Play it Forward, is a corporate giving game show activity where participants compete in pricing challenges and trivia in order to win it all for charity. Get ready for an unforgettable event where fun meets philanthropy!

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Be the next contestant on Play it Forward!

Will you know if the price is right? Get ready for an epic philanthropic work event with Play it Forward, the team bonding game to give back. Contestants are randomly chosen to come on down by your enthusiastic host to participate in fun trivia challenges or guess-the-product games. Play it Forward can be adapted to custom company trivia or the charity you choose to donate to. Get ready for up to 12 thrilling challenges in this exciting charity game show activity for team building. And don’t worry if you get stuck, participants will get more help to complete the challenges. It allows your team to come together outside of work, fostering stronger connections and collaboration.

Enjoy your favorite pricing game with a charitable twist in Play it Forward, where all the items used are donated to charity!

Donations Tailored to Your Cause

We offer a variety of custom donation options, such as toys, care kits for homeless shelters, and much more, allowing you to support the cause that means the most to you. Below are some examples of what we have done. If you have a different donation in mind, we will gladly work with you to create one tailored to your preferences.

Hope for the Homeless

Win donations for the homeless. You can provide essential support to homeless shelters by winning items such as bedding, personal care supplies, baby essentials, toasters, dinnerware, and cooking items. Your contributions will help create a more comfortable and functional living space for those in need.

Treats for Medical Treatments

Support dialysis patients with care kits designed to make their treatment experience more comfortable and manageable. These kits include items for kidney units and essentials for participating in a charity walk.

Making Military Mailers

Show appreciation for the military with care kits designed for their needs. Items can include stress balls, pill organizers, sanitizer kits, wet wipes, water containers, and other essentials that help support their daily activities and morale.

Create Custom Care Kits

Think outside the box! Identify local organizations that could benefit from donated items. Perhaps it’s an office that helps veterans find work and needs stationery, a new printer, or a coffee machine. Consider a pet charity—not just for the pets, but for the shelter itself, which might need lightbulbs, batteries, mops, and brushes to stay operational. Tailor your care kits to meet the unique needs of these organizations and make a meaningful impact.

Shelter Support for Supermoms

Support women’s shelters with items such as baby gates, baby safety equipment (home safeguarding tools, cabinet locks, outlet covers), pull-ups, and toys for children under two years old. These donations help create a safer and more nurturing environment for women and their children.

Teaming Up for Toys

This kit includes educational items, games, coffee stations, bathroom essentials, and whiteboards. Designed to bring joy and learning, these items are perfect for creating a stimulating environment for children.

Team size
  • 20 - 400+
Time needed
  • 1-2 Hours
Space requirement

A minimum 15×15 area in front of the room for challenges is needed for participants to come “on stage”. Depending upon group size, a stage or risers may be best for viewing. Participants can be at tables, audience-style seating, or even high cocktail rounds.

Ideal for
  • Sales meetings/conferences
  • Dinners/holiday parties
  • Company transitions
  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Kicking off or concluding a big project

TeamBonding is all about customization. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture theme and/or mission statement woven into your event debrief?  If your company has a charity in mind to donate to, we can customize the items that get donated, just let us know what you have in mind!

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