Team Synergy – Retro Gaming Experience

Level up your team building with nostalgic 80s vibes, 8-bit music, and mini-game challenges! This unique collaborative retro gaming experience uses technology to foster teamwork skills and a focus on improving team synergy. Embrace reiterative learning and cooperation—where players rely on their whole team to move forward.

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Level up Teamwork and Synergy!

Get your game face on and tackle fun AI bot-driven minigame challenges! This thrilling retro gaming experience is designed to enhance team synergy by encouraging teamwork and is ideal for uniting high-performance teams.

After a brief introduction by your dedicated facilitator, teams are assigned to a Team Synergy game console. Equipped with controllers like buttons, joysticks, sliders, and dials, each mini-game presents a mystery—teams start off not knowing what to do, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement. Our mischievous AI-Bot challenges you with all kinds of mini-games that combine fun puzzles and coordination. From classic games like Snake & Space Invaders to cryptic and brain-teasing challenges, every moment is an opportunity to strengthen and improve team synergy.

Teams must figure out how the suitcase controls work and get organized to achieve the highest score. Furthermore, Team Synergy uses built-in algorithms; the game cleverly analyzes every team interaction and evaluates competencies to produce individual team reports. Using teamwork and synergy, players must crack the code and work together to conquer each level.

This unique event is all about quick thinking, teamwork, and, most importantly, loads of laughs along the way!


The game combines tests of ingenuity, coordination, and skill to offer an entertaining experience for any player profile.


The interaction with the game is done through electronic elements such as buttons, joysticks, and LEDs, generating a unique user experience.


It’s a casual gaming experience and the cute game show host will put players in the most hilarious situations.


The style of the minigames and the 8-bit soundtrack exude nostalgia for video games of the 80s.

Team size
  • 10-80
Time needed
  • 1.5 - 2 hours
Space requirement

This indoor activity requires a private function space. You’ll want a round table for each team (chairs optional), plus one large rectangular table at the front of the room for event materials. You’ll also need a large screen and projector with an HDMI video connection. Events with 50 or more people work best with a microphone and speaker setup.

Ideal for
  • Strengthen team dynamics
  • Energize a long meeting or conference
  • Encourage collaborative problem solving
  • Inclusive gameplay
  • Forge new connections
  • Evaluate competencies

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