Summer Camp Throwback

Get ready to unleash your inner child with an exhilarating Summer Camp Throwback adventure! Laugh, compete, and bond like never before as your team immerses themselves in the nostalgic spirit of fun and camaraderie, engaging in thrilling activities that revive the carefree essence of childhood summers in this ultimate team building camp.

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Not Your Average Team Building Camp

Unplug, unwind, and engage beyond your desk!
Our team building camp adventure is perfect for high-energy groups who love physical activity, laughter, or both. Everything about this Summer Camp Throwback experience has been designed to challenge and excite absolutely everyone on your team.

Your event facilitator/camp counselors begin by dividing your group into teams of 10-12. Each gets to come up with their own camp-themed team name, plus a team cheer to go with it. After the flag-raising and a few traditional camp-style energizers, teams break off to compete in a series of hilarious competitive challenges. Each activity has specific physical, creative, and mental requirements, so every team needs a good mix of individual skills.

This is a wonderful way to wake people up and get everybody moving. It’s also very effective for helping people reconnect with happier, more optimistic versions of themselves.

And who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to feel like a kid at camp?

Activities include:

Arts & Crafts, Capture the Flag, Four Square, Hop Scotch, Kickball, Ring Toss, Dryland Swim Practice, Talent Show, Tug of War

Team size
  • 20-200
Time needed
  • 2 - 6 hours
Space requirement

This event works well in a variety of large spaces. Outdoor venues are ideal, but many of these activities can be done indoors in case of inclement weather.

Ideal for
  • Boosting team morale
  • Learning in a neutral environment
  • Developing leadership 
  • Enhancing camaraderie and trust
  • Adding fun to a corporate retreat

TeamBonding is all about customization. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture and/or mission statement woven into your camp adventure? Just let us know what you have in mind.

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For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re assembling a new virtual team for the post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

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