Sink or swim, you'll benefit as a team!

Looking for a truly unique activity for your next meeting or event? Look no further than the Build-A-Boat program! This is a high impact team building activity that helps identify leadership characteristics of your attendees in an exciting, hands-on, fun environment.

If the castaways of the S.S. Minnow only had a little cardboard and creativity, their stay on that island may not have been as long. You and your team will design and build a person-powered, corrugated cardboard boat that is capable of racing the designated course. After you build, decorate and name your boat, you will designate a Skipper, introduce your creation to the other teams, and perform a team cheer. That’s right, no good vessel was ever sent to sea without fanfare!

Each team receives highly specialized equipment, tools and blueprints/designs for the construction of their very own boat. If teams collaborate, communicate and execute well the boat is incredibly seaworthy and reliable (more than capable of what they will be asked to do with them). Teams are initially surprised at the materials they have to build with, but with some genuine teamwork and leadership (and the best systems and plans) anything is possible! This is a highly engaging and “hands-on” challenge where teams are justifiably proud of the outcome, an actual boat that can do far more than they thought it could.

All event materials are included and we provide a trained facilitator and assistants your event. It works great on hotel resort pools and lakes or any body of of flat and safe water.​ Build-A-Boat can be delivered within many different themes (e.g. Pirate, Military, Polynesian).



Group size

10 – 120

Time needed

UP to 3 hours

Space requirements

A calm body of water such as a pool, bay, or lake and a space on shore, near the water to build the vessels.

  • Boat build and racing
  • Boat build
  • Teams Build boats and it's sink or swim time
  • Will your team sink or swim in this wet and wild team building challenge
  • wet and wild team building

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