Build-A-Boat Team Building Game

Looking for a truly unique activity for your next meeting or event? Look no further than the Build-A-Boat program! This is a high-impact team building water activity that helps identify leadership characteristics of your attendees in an exciting, hands-on, fun environment.

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Event Overview

Whatever floats your boat

If the castaways of the S.S. Minnow only had a little cardboard and creativity, their stay on that island may not have been as long. For TeamBonding’s team building water activity, you and your team will design and build a person-powered, corrugated cardboard boat that is capable of racing the designated course. After you build, decorate and name your boat, you will designate a Skipper, introduce your creation to the other teams, and perform a team cheer. That’s right, no good vessel was ever sent to sea without fanfare!

The Build-A-Boat team building program is perfect summer time fun.  There are roles for everyone, so everyone is engaged at the level that works best for them. Teams gather points for innovative ideas, involving everyone on the team, creating the most beautiful flag, collaborating with other teams, and designing the most beautiful boat to name a few.

Before the outdoor team bonding game begins, each team receives highly specialized equipment, tools and blueprints/designs for the construction of their very own boat. If teams collaborate, communicate and execute well the boat is incredibly seaworthy and reliable (more than capable of what they will be asked to do with them). Teams are initially surprised at the materials they have to build with, but with some genuine teamwork and leadership (and the best systems and plans) anything is possible! This is a highly engaging and “hands-on” outdoor team bonding game where teams are justifiably proud of the outcome, an actual boat that can do far more than they thought it could.

Build-A-Boat team building program works great in hotel resort pools and lakes or anybody of flat and safe water.

Event Details

Group Size

10 – 120

Time Needed

UP to 3 hours

Space Requirement

A calm body of water such as a pool, bay, or lake and a space on shore, near the water to build the vessels.

Ideal For

  • Project start-ups, conclusions or mid-project motivation
  • Annual meetings
  • Retreats and celebrations


Build-A-Boat can be offered in many different themes (e.g. Pirate, Military, Polynesian). Every program we offer can be tailored – in fact, we like it that way. Tailoring is one of the big reasons for our ongoing success.

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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