Catapult to Success

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Catapult your team to success with this highly involving design and build program. Participants are challenged to dream up and create their own fully functioning catapults, then fine-tune their ideas for maximum impact.

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In this high flying team building activity, everybody needs to work together to get an idea off the ground. Your TeamBonding facilitators provide each team with a unique set of materials, plus a budget for buying additional items from competing teams.

The activity has two distinct launch phases, which add to the challenge and fun. The first phase is the “launch-for-distance” competition. The second phase tests “distance-and-accuracy” with team members catching objects at various distances. The pressure to perform is high, as each team attempts to maximize points.Winning requires shrewd negotiation, effective brainstorming, prototyping, testing and fine-tuning. Above all, winning requires teamwork!

After teams compete with one another, we shift to an all-for-one mentality where everyone works together to create the most effective and efficient catapult.

Catapult To Success is a great team building choice when you desire an event that effectively incorporates cooperation, team problem solving, strategizing, decision making and team awareness.

Ask about the Angry Birds Catapult To Success option.  catapult to success - angry birdsParticipants get the opportunity to play a live-action version of the hugely popular video game!

Group size

16– 300+

Time needed

2 hours

Space requirements

A large unobstructed space is needed. If outdoors, consider a back-up for inclement weather. Indoors, the room should be free of low hanging lighting fixtures, high ceilings are preferred. Approximately 20 sq ft per participant.

“Thank you for a great event!! I think everyone had a really great time!”

logo-kettler Kettler

“The feedback has been nothing but positive. I received several unsolicited comments from many people who could not say enough great things about the program and the facilitators. To be honest, when folks heard that we were doing a team building exercise, the response was less than enthusiastic, to say the least. Credit your team with being able to engage and energize a crowd of 190 + people in such a short amount of time. It was definitely a success!”

liberty mutual testimonial A.C. – Liberty Mutual

“The activity went very well. The participants & Senior Management were pleased. Well organized! Energetic facilitators. Excellent debrief session. TeamBonding has met our expectations!”

bath fitter D.C. – Bath Fitter

“Phenomenal! It was all positive. Our team had a blast, they couldn’t have been more into it, from the ice-breakers right up through the main event. Thanks!”

Cognizant T.S. – Cognizant

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