The Donation Station

Elevate your team’s impact with the Donation Station, a corporate giving program designed to make a meaningful difference. Working together, your team will create a notable donation to an organization of your choice with the full support and guidance of our expert team. With this event, corporate giving has never been easier.

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Corporate Giving Made Easy

The Donation Station maximizes team impact and guarantees a day filled with excitement and giving back to the community. This customizable corporate giving program allows your team to come together with the goal of assembling as many donation kits as possible in a limited amount of time. No need to worry about logistics — we’ll take care of everything.

Our team of professional facilitators will arrive early to transform your event space into a high-energy volunteer center full of music, decorations, and fun. When you arrive they will guide your participants through the process of creating the donation kits, taking photos along the way ensuring you have unforgettable memories of your team’s contribution to the community.

Once the time is up and all the kits are ready, we’ll deliver them to a charity of your choice. If you don’t have one in mind, we’ll be happy to introduce you to one of our charitable partners. With several theme options available, you can choose the one that resonates the most with your organization.

Choose from one of our options below!

Choose your impact

Customize your impact and work with one of our dedicated events managers to design the perfect corporate giving program for your team. We’ll help you create an unforgettable experience that aligns with your organization’s values and goals.

Team Teddy Bear Rescue

  • Volunteers will build an 8-inch teddy: stuff it, dress it, decorate a T-Shirt, wrap it, create a birth certificate, and write a note to the recipient.
  • Local rescue workers, like Fire Fighters and EMTs, love to receive this kind of donation so they can offer the bears as part of their initial response to kids in crisis.

The Great Snack Pack

  • Volunteers will decorate the bags, write notes of encouragement, and then pack 2 snack packs containing 7-9 healthy and nutritional items.
  • Snack packs are donated to local Food Banks and Community Kitchens so they can be directly distributed to those with food insecurity.

Paracord Bracelet Making

  • Each participant will have the chance to make a paracord bracelet which many military personnel use for various purposes, such as securing gear, making improvised repairs, or even as a survival tool in emergency situations.
  • A personalized note will be written to accompany every paracord bracelet, and both will be donated to military organizations such as Operation Gratitude.


  • Let your team get creative for a cause as they each paint a miniature canvas to become part of a larger mural – a collective work of art!
  • Art has the ability to provide comfort, reduce stress, and promote healing for those in hospitals, and the final mural will be donated to a local hospital of your choice.

Give the Gift of STEM

  • Volunteers will build a box filled with all items needed for preschool/kindergarten students to experience 3 STEM enrichment activities: Create and Decorate Your Own Telescope; Paint, Design, and Float A Paddle Boat; and Build Your Own Binoculars.
  • Kits will include a directional pamphlet outlining instructions for each project, and charities like the Boys & Girls Clubs love accepting these donations and lesson plans.

Birthday Kits

Impact the life of a child by creating and gifting a full birthday celebration to kids who would otherwise not have one. These donated items are all wrapped up in a custom “Best Day Ever” party bag and sent directly to our charitable partners. They then work with local shelters and social services to not only distribute each bag but to host a proper celebration for the recipient children as well – complete with decorations, favors, presents, and a cake full of candles!

Foster Pet Care Kits

Collaborate with your colleagues to assemble essential kits for foster pets in need. Each kit includes dog toys, treats/bones, leash, collar, and dog bowls, ensuring that these pets have a comfortable transition to their new homes. This rewarding experience not only strengthens team dynamics but also makes a tangible difference in the lives of animals awaiting adoption.

Team size
  • 50 - Unlimited
Time needed
  • 30 min - 8 hours
Space requirement

This event can be done indoors or outdoors. We recommend 20 square feet of open space per participant as a good guideline.

Ideal for
  • Energizing your team
  • Community Service
  • Collaboration
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Celebrating company benchmarks / all-hands meetings

Each corporate giving program includes all program material, set up and breakdown, TeamBonding Lead Facilitator, and multiple assistants who will be on-site for 5 hours (2 hours set up, 1 hour of breakdown, the station will be open for 1-2 hours), and an off-site event manager to handle logistics and planning, including charity coordination. Notecards/stickers can include your logo if desired. If you are looking for a more customized event, we can work with you to create the unique donation you had in mind.

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