The Donation Station

Focus on giving back, where your team works together to make a personalized donation to an organization of your choice. This is charitable giving, made easy. You choose what kind of organization you want to support, and we take care of the rest.

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Charitable Giving Made Easy

The Donation Station is a completely customizable corporate giving program that focuses on assembling as many donations as possible in a limited amount of time. You choose what kind of organization you want to support and we source materials that they are in need of. We then arrive onsite a couple of hours before your start time to set up an assembly line-style event with fun decorations and upbeat music.

Our Facilitators guide your participants through the process of getting everything together, taking pictures of the group as they work their magic. Once the donation is ready to go, we take care of delivering all the materials to your chosen organization.

Choose from one of our pre-set packing options below, or create your own!

Pre-set packing options

  1. The Great Snack Pack
    You can’t learn if you’re hungry! End weekend hunger in your community by creating weekend snack packs.
  2. Operation Gratitude (Paracord Building & Letter Writing)
    A paracord bracelet is a lifesaving tool that can be used to help build a makeshift shelter, make a sling or splint, create a harness, extract an injured person, and so much more. Your team will create paracord bracelets and write short letters of gratitude and inspiration for active military service members.
  3. Supporting Seniors
  4. Birthday Boxes (for Foster Children)
    Every child deserves to celebrate their special day! The kits your team will pack will include everything you need for a birthday celebration.
    Each pack has been identified as a true need and carefully designed with charitable partners nationwide.
Team size
  • 50 - Unlimited
Time needed
  • 30 min - 8 hours
Space requirement

This event can be done indoors or outdoors. We recommend 20 square feet of open space per participant as a good guideline.

Ideal for
  • Energizing your team
  • Community Service
  • Collaboration
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Celebrating company benchmarks / all-hands meetings

If you are looking for a more customized event, we can work with you to create the unique donation you had in mind.

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