Wheelchairs In Motion

Helping those with Disabilities

Adding a spin to the classic “Charity Bike Build” we present to you “Wheelchairs In Motion” charitable team building activity!  

Build a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs In Motion benefits you, your employees and the disabled recipients of the wheelchairs. In this lively charity team building event, your group will work together in teams to complete a series of challenges that will ultimately result in the assembly, testing, and decorations of wheelchairs for donation.

Tools such as organization, delegation, collaboration and some light mechanical skills are required for this challenge. This program is a perfect ally for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) boost.

The goal of Wheelchairs In Motion is not only to build relationships with your team, but to also build wheelchairs suitable for deserving, disabled Americans who are unable to afford the proper mobility assistance. Build wheelchairs while building team skills to take back to the workplace.

Research has shown that giving has many upsides compared to receiving. Your organization doesn’t need to be a non-profit or social enterprise to give back to the community. Our Wheelchairs in Motion will touch your team’s heart as it marks an inspiring day that all will remember.

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Group size

30-500 People

Time needed

1-3 Hours

Space requirements

Large, open space – ballroom, large conference room, field or packing lot. Minimum 2,000 sq. ft. space, indoors or outside.  We recommend 20 sq ft per person for this program.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Lauren, Kevin and his crew for making our event yesterday so special.  Everything was great, the pre-planning and selection with Nanci, Lauren was fantastic with all of the organizational details.  Kevin and his team pulled it all together and were amazing!!!!  Our entire group had a wonderful time, for a great cause and Kevin’s team captured so many great pictures for me to share with everyone.”

Nora Systems H.A., Nora Systems

“The Wheelchairs were delivered to our main building reception area.  This is a place where folks come to check in to use our services.  As the staff were getting the chairs organized to send to different locations in the foundation, a woman came in a wheelchair that was falling apart and her mobility was challenges to say the least.  We gave her one of the new ones on the spot.  She burst into tears and she and her husband were both so grateful that St. Anthony’s was able to help them with something they needed so desperately.  We told them it was your generous gift and that St. Anthony’s is blessed to have incredible support from the community and truer words were never spoken.  We cannot thank you enough for your compassion and caring.”

 St. Anthony’s letter to our client

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