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Wheelchairs In Motion

Adding a spin to the classic "Charity Bike Build"

Program Overview

Armed with tools and enthusiasm, teams race to construct what people in your community that are mobility-challenged can use most – new wheelchairs! Meanwhile, other teammates are navigating fun, innovative puzzles and challenges to earn enough “money” to purchase that last crucial part to make your brand-new wheelchair the first off the assembly line in TeamBondings exciting Wheelchair Build team building activity, Wheelchairs in Motion.

Skills such as organization, delegation, collaboration, and some light mechanical skills are required for this challenge. This program is a perfect ally for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) boost. Research has shown that giving has many upsides compared to receiving. Your organization doesn’t need to be a non-profit or social enterprise to give back to the community

The goal of Wheelchairs In Motion is not only to build relationships with your team but to also build wheelchairs suitable for deserving, disabled Americans who are unable to afford the proper mobility assistance. Build wheelchairs while building team skills to take back to the workplace.

TeamBonding partners with national wheelchair charities, senior centers, assisted living homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and veteran’s organization to ensure that your wheelchair building donation helps the people that need it the most be independent.

As a surprise grand finale, a representative from the charity will personally visit, meet your team, thank them for their generous teamwork and portray a vivid mental image of the teams’ ‘customers’ – the accessibility-challenged people that they will have helped.

Wheelchairs in Motion will touch your team’s hearts as it marks an inspiring day that all will remember.


Group Size

30-500 People

Time Needed

1-3 Hours

Space Requirement

Large, open space – ballroom, conference room, field or parking lot. Minimum 2,000 sq. ft. space, indoors or outside.  We recommend 20 sq ft per person for this program.

Ideal For
  • Combine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with team building
  • Ignite passion and sense of purpose
  • Practice excellent customer service
  • Identify individual and team strengths
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within work team

This activity includes a debrief by a trained facilitator. The debrief focuses on linking the activity with your important work back at the office. The Wheelchairs in Motion debrief helps you to leverage the power of purpose back at work, discover team and individual strengths and link your performance with contributing successfully as a team. Portions of the debrief can be customized for your group goals.


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