Wheelchairs In Motion – Charity Wheelchair Build

Get ready for an event that will leave you rolling with laughter and purpose! In our exciting Wheelchairs in Motion team-building experience, we’re not just strengthening team relationships; we’re also assembling and donating charity wheelchairs to disabled U.S. veterans and others who can’t afford the mobility assistance they need. By combining teamwork, fun, and purpose, this program creates a heartfelt impact that will leave a lasting impression!

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Building Mobility. Changing Lives.

Giving a charity wheelchair is a fantastic gift for those with mobility needs. Get ready for a whirlwind of fun and meaningful impact with Wheelchairs In Motion! This team building activity takes giving back to a whole new level, bringing out the best in your team while making a real difference in people’s lives.

No matter their skill sets or personality styles, every team member will find a way to get involved and shine. Participants will go through a series of challenges to build wheelchairs using a range of skills: organization, delegation, empathy, collaboration, and even a touch of light mechanical wizardry! A trained facilitator will guide your team through an insightful debrief designed to help you harness the power of purpose in the workplace, uncover your team’s strengths, and link your performance to successful teamwork.

An organization doesn’t need to be a non-profit or social enterprise in order to give back to the community. Wheelchairs In Motion is a perfect way to meet your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By participating in this heartwarming wheelchair event, your team will experience a day that’s inspiring, memorable, and truly impactful. TeamBonding partners with local charities like veterans’ organizations, senior centers, assisted living homes, and hospitals, to ensure that your wheelchair donation helps people in the community who will truly benefit from your generous efforts.

Let’s roll into action and bring joy, support, and freedom to those in need!
See below to view other impactful charity wheelchair build events.

Team size
  • 30-500
Time needed
  • 1-2 Hours
Space requirement

We recommend a large, open space – minimum 2,000 sq. ft., either indoors or out. 20 sq. ft. per person is a good rule of thumb. A ballroom, conference room, open field or parking lot all make great choices.

Ideal for
  • Combining CSR with team building
  • Igniting passion and sense of purpose
  • Practicing excellent customer service
  • Identifying individual and team strengths
  • Communication and collaboration

TeamBonding is happy to customize your debrief based on your organization’s culture, values and event goals. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture and/or mission statement woven into your program? Just let us know what you have in mind.


Explore our range of impactful charity wheelchair build events!

From pet wheelchairs to various other specialized wheelchairs, each build is an opportunity to make a difference. Teams come together to assemble these life-changing devices, ensuring they are donated to those in need, creating a profound impact on their lives.

Mission ImPAWssible: Pet Wheelchair Build

Mission ImPAWssible is an extraordinary team building event that brings teams together to create a lasting impact on the lives of disabled pets. Through the collaborative effort of building pet wheelchairs, participants not only strengthen their team dynamics and problem-solving skills but also experience the joy of making a positive difference in the world. This unique program instills a sense of social responsibility and raises awareness about the challenges faced by disabled animals, fostering empathy and compassion among the participants.

Wheels Around the World

During the philanthropic event known as Wheels Around the World, teams will have the opportunity to sponsor a wheelchair and engage in a series of activities aimed at making a tangible difference. Through the process, participants will decorate and personalize a wheel safety cover, gaining insights into the lives of the recipients they are supporting. This event not only allows teams to directly impact someone’s life by providing a much-needed wheelchair but also raises awareness about the challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities.

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