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Operation Military Care

Build Care Packages for Our Troops

Program Overview

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Let’s start with where it ends – care packages for soldiers.

As U.S. troops continue to deploy and defend our nation overseas, many companies want to know how to send care packages to service members — even if they don’t personally know them. Our country loves supporting our troops both at home and overseas. And, care packages sent to overseas bases or stateside hospitals are a great way to show that gratitude.

In the Operation Military Care program, your teams are required to gather items and materials that will complete the care packages. These items are spread over a large area. From competition to collaboration, teams realize that only a shared, concerted effort will allow the project task to be completed on time. At the end of the activities, teams use their points to purchase items for the care packages for their soldiers. This is the highlight of the event as teams are eager to give back to such a worthy and rewarding cause. After the packages are created, teams tally their points and the real “winning” team is declared — our troops overseas!

You’ll be amazed at how energizing and uplifting this program can be for everyone involved, and what your team can accomplish back at work after an event that pulls everyone together for such a rewarding cause. If timing and circumstances allow, we coordinate with a local soldier or charities such as Operation Homefront and Blue Star Mothers who accept the gifts on behalf of our soldiers abroad.

Real soldiers, real results:  “I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I received an amazing package (you guys were spot on with items I love… Ramen noodles, popcorn, romantic comedies..don’t judge). I wanted to thank you so much and it meant a lot to get a package when I least expected it.” 


Group Size

12 - 500+

Time Needed

2 hours

Space Requirement

Large indoor space with a table for every team, and a seat for every participant. We also require rectangular banquet tables for supplies. Some outside spaces may be compatible also. 20 sq ft per participant is a good guide.

Ideal For
  • Combine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with team building
  • Team building for a great cause
  • Increase awareness of military connections and contributions of people on team
  • Apply effective military team building principles to your team
  • Identify individual and team strengths

The care package supplies have been carefully chosen based on the items most requested by service men and women in the field. Your gift will be sent directly to organizations which identify individuals who benefit the most from this wonderful donation. TeamBonding works with military branches to ensure that packages make it to the military personnel that needs it most.

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