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By: Lauren Baker|August 8, 2014| Save This Idea


Does your team have what it takes to (literally) get an idea off the ground?

catapultIn Catapult to Success, you and your team will create their own dream catapult. TeamBonding facilitators will provide each team with a unique set of materials, and a budget to buy additional materials from competing teams.

What will you and your team learn?

  • Cooperation
  • Negotiation
  • Team awareness
  • Brainstorming
  • Prototyping
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making

Teams will compete with each other to create the best, most effective catapult. But the competition doesn’t just end there. After individual teams create their own contraption and the winner is determined, all teams gather together to create one big efficient and effective catapult, emphasizing the all-for-one mentality.

catapultThis TeamBonding program works best for groups ranging from 16-300+ and requires approximately 2 hours. Catapult to Success can be conducted either indoors or outdoors.

Catapult to Success is the perfect team building program for conference breaks, product launches and sales meetings. This team building experience is sure to get your team’s ideas and team building off the ground! This program is unique in that it allows smaller teams to work together, but it also allows the WHOLE team to work together towards a common goal.

Have you ever built a catapult? What did you use to make it?

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