Progressive Dinner

Fun, great dining and networking.

It’s the original networking dinner where your guests change dining companions after each course, enjoy a great dinner and have fun with some of our favorite get-to-know-you tabletop team building.

The Progressive Networking Dinner

Networking DinnerThe Progressive Dinner is the recipe for the end of a boring business dinner: a unique combination of fun, networking, great dining and team building.  Your guests meet and mingle with each other in a fun, non-threatening way on the first night of a conference, or get to know each other better while enjoying a fabulous meal .

“Cocktail Party” is the ice breaker that starts the evening off right with a fun and energetic game for the entire group. Then, it’s fast-paced fun as you share a different table with different people for each course: appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. Each course features a table top game or exercise for everyone to do together. It is all carefully designed to encourage team interaction and fun while improving team skills. Depending upon your group size, each participant will dine, laugh and play with over 40 new people!  Think or it as a speed networking dinner.

This excellent team building ice breaker event can be done in a restaurant of your choice, a hotel banquet room, or even in different restaurants for each course. Our energetic and fun emcee/facilitator leads all tabletop games and exercises, coordinates the changing of the tables and even works with the restaurant on the timing of the courses.

The Progressive Dinner program is a fabulous way to have fun, celebrate successes together or energize your next meeting, off-site or executive retreat.

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Group size

40 – 200+

Time needed

Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours

Space requirements

A restaurant or banquet hall where guests can sit for a formal meal.

“Everyone had a great time. I think the favorite game was Two Truths and a Lie. As always, thanks again. It was such a great event!”

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