Team Chocolatier

Challenge your team to become chocolatiers for the day! Our hands-on chocolate workshops provide a marvelous way to spend a few hours working and playing as a team.

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Event Overview

Creativity and collaboration combine in this tasty team building treat.

The perfect corporate team building baking challenge for the chocolate lover inside us all! Our hands-on chocolate workshops provide a marvelous way to spend a few hours working and playing as a team. Learn to make show-stopping truffles filled with anything from champagne cream to chocolate peanut butter during this culinary team building activity. It’s surprisingly easy once you understand a few essentials (plus a few secrets from our Master Chocolatier).

To kick off this corporate team building baking challenge, guests will be divided into groups and given a golden ticket containing their chocolate mission statement and target market segment. Each team will need to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market; they will be expected to develop a brand identity, marketing slogan, and eye-catching packaging as part of an exciting team building activity.

Of course, you will taste some chocolate too and there is the main benefit of taking home your own handmade chocolates – and the skills to make more at home… plus useful tips on tasting, buying and storing fine chocolate. Want to try another fun chocolate-themed program? Check out our Chocolate Challenge Cooking Game.

Here are some of the fascinating things your Team Chocolatier workshop includes:

  • Roll and dip your own truffles in a variety of delicious toppings
  • Create amazing molded chocolates
  • How to produce fillings like coconut, apricot and framboise
  • All you need to know about piping, shaping and coating
  • How to package your handiwork for maximum “wow factor”
  • Understand the chocolate process from bean to bar
  • Why today’s varietal chocolates are becoming wildly popular

Event Details

Group Size

12 - 100

Time Needed

2.5 hours

Space Requirement

Team Chocolatier is a fantastic program that everyone will enjoy.  This chocolate team building event lasts for approximately 3 hours and can be run anywhere in North America.  All that is required is a single large room and some tables – we provide everything else.

Ideal For

  • Company outings/celebrations
  • Kicking off training seminars
  • New product launches


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