Dining In The Dark

This one-of-a-kind dining experience combines fine dining, inspiring music and a series of fun tabletop team building challenges. The catch? Your team will be able to take it all in using each of their senses – except one.

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Why this event?

There’s real power in being gently pulled out of our familiar routines. Or in this case, seeing something we’ve been doing all our lives (eating) in a whole new light. This is an excellent way to energize everyone by gently coaxing them out of their comfort zones. You’re also creating lasting memories and stories to tell for many years to come. 

TeamBonding can deliver Dining In The Dark as part of any meal, in just about any location. Use it as a novel social event, or specifically as a team building dinner. Either way, our expert facilitator will guide the room through the whole experience. 

We’ll be the first to admit it – this concept probably sounds a little weird. But it always goes over really well, time after time. People consistently rate Dining In The Dark much more highly than they would’ve imagined based on their initial expectations. After doing more of these dinners than we can count, it’s easy to see why.

Team size
  • 8 - 70
Time needed
  • 2.5 - 3 hours
Space requirement

This event works well in a private dining room at a local restaurant, mansion or unique venue where participants can relax and enjoy the activity. Have something specific in mind? Let us know what you’re thinking.

Ideal for
  • Team retreats
  • Conferences and celebrations
  • Annual meetings
  • Out-of-the-ordinary fun

We’ll work with your venue to prepare the room and help design an appropriate meal. Your menu should include multiple small entrees, sides and desserts. The idea is to provide a range of delicious tastes, textures and smells.

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For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re assembling a new virtual team for the post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

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