Team Chili Cook-Off

This fiery team building favorite combines creativity, resourcefulness, and skill. Each group starts with chili basics like meat and tomatoes. But collecting other ingredients means bartering while completing fun challenges.

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Why this event?

There’s just something magical and inspiring about chili. Somehow, this hearty southwestern staple inspires pride and a fierce competitive spirit in a way few other foods do. Cooks regard their cherished recipes as highly personal. And nearly everyone seems to feel their own unique version is somehow the world’s best. Best of all, fun is always a key ingredient in these competitions.

Our carefully optimized approach kicks off with an icebreaker designed to divide your group into smaller team. Each is provided a table with stove, cookware and all necessary utensils. But there’s more to this event than cooking – teams will put their heads together to come up with a suitable brand name for their chili creation. They’ll also need to come up with a marketing angle.

Once the spicy aroma of chili fills the air, the all-important judging begins. Scorecards tally points based on creativity, presentation and taste. Only one team can triumph as the reigning champions! But this is truly one of those programs where everyone’s a winner.

Team size
  • 16 - 200
Time needed
  • 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Space requirement

Each team will need a table large enough to accommodate a portable stove, ingredient prepping and creation of a marketing strategy. 20 sq ft per person is a good rule of thumb. For very large events, either a ballroom or outdoor space works well.

Ideal for
  • Friendly competition
  • Resource management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Creating a memorable group experience 
  • Fun

Lots of great options here. Turn up the excitement by adding our famous Salsa or Winery team building challenges. Choose to incorporate southwestern trivia challenges. You can designate members of your own group to act as official chili judges, or let TeamBonding staff handle the judging.

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