Hot-Cha-Cha Chili Cook-Off

Both hot and chili con cool!

The Hot-Cha-Cha Chili Cook-Off program combines creativity with culinary skill. A fun ice breaker will result in the formation of teams, each of whom will have a designated table equipped with all the necessary cookware, utensils and a stove.

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The searing flavors of this fiery festival guarantee that TeamBonding’s Hot-Cha-Cha Chili Cook-Off program brings the five-alarm fun to your summer outing! Does your team have a fire in the belly when it comes to their chili recipe? Think they can bring red-hot heat and be crowned chili champion? Then step on up, partners! Show off that chili machismo as you vie for succulent spicy success!

Teams will start out with the basic chili necessities (the meat and tomatoes, if you will). Ye Olde General Store is open for teams to purchase more ingredients. But teams had better leave their inner-bandito at home. The sheriff keeps a watchful eye and doesn’t take too kindly to sneak-thievin’.

Teams can also negotiate with the hombres from other teams for those last minute needs. But no tusslin’. Sheriff’ll ride you right out of town for that.

If your chili recipe is definitely blue ribbon material, bring it on! Us judges have certainly polished our belt-buckles around a few pots of Texas Red in the past. Shucks, even got some stuck in our cookie dusters. We know good chuck. So make sure your chili is a true hot tamale!

TeamBonding’s Hot-Cha-Cha Chili Cook-Off program is both hot and chili con cool!

Group size

16 - 200

Time needed

1.5 – 2.5 hours

Space requirements

20 sq ft per participant is a good guide. Each team will need a table large enough to accommodate a portable stove, ingredient prepping, and creation of a marketing strategy. Very large events can be done in a ballroom or outdoors if weather permits.

“TeamBonding made me look so good! I received so many positive comments about our Chili Cook-Off and everyone had a great time. You got everyone involved and it was truly amazing how this team builder got the creativity of all of our teams flowing. I can’t count how many people told me it was our best team builder ever!”

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