Salsa Showdown

Turn your team into Southwestern chefs! Your goal will be to create a delicious award winning salsa, from scratch. Work against the clock to create and market your unique salsa creation and try to please the panel of judges.

salsa showdown

In this culinary team building activity, your group will be divided into small teams. Each team will be challenged with creating the best tasting salsa from scratch and deciding on which ingredients to use. Which recipe will your team use to build their culinary masterpiece?

Teams will have their own designated table with a pot, spoons, knives, cutting boards, aprons, markets and utensils. They will work against the clock, and each other, to create their salsa and then market it to the rest of the crowd.

It’s a hot team challenge where team members will also create team chants and aprons that showcase their salsa “brand.”  In the center of the room will be a spice table and vegetable marketplace. Add to the challenge by creating and racing a vegetable car in the unique, Salsa Showdown program!

This gastronomical challenge combines creativity with culinary skill as teams work together to win over the taste buds of the judges. Prizes will be awarded on creativity, presentation and taste. The tone of your Salsa Showdown will be set as teams come into the ballroom or meeting site, to the beat of Latin music.

For extra pep, you can add a Sangria Challenge to this event. Along with making the best salsa they can make, teams will also have to whip a tasty batch of sangria.

Group size

16 - 500

Time needed

1.5 - 2.5 hours

Space requirements

This can be indoors or outdoors – your office building, a ballroom or conference room. We recommend 20 sq ft per participants.

“Everything was super, your crew was great. Thank you again for everything, I am looking forward to our next big program in January.”

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