Get Your Team in Sync with a Music Team Building Activity

For your team to work together smoothly, it is important that everyone is in sync. Music team building activities are a perfect way to do just that, literally and figuratively. Music is a powerful tool to bring people together and promote trust, empathy, and relief from stress. Below we will explore what music can do for your team and several examples of different music team building activities.

The Role of Music Team Building Activities

Creates a sense of belonging

Researchers have investigated the tie between music and one’s sense of group belonging. They found, “reactivity to music is related to markers of successful group living.” In more simple terms, music helps us affiliate with groups. In fact, there have been several studies that show people feel closer and more connected through music.

Can help share and explore different cultures

Music is important element of culture. It has been around since the beginning of time and can be used to give insight into different cultures and ways of live. What better way to learn about the uniqueness of the world than through beautiful tunes?

Music makes us feel good

Did you know that when we listen to or play music, our body releases “happy” hormones called endorphins and dopamine? So if you really want to host an event that will be sure to boost morale, make sure it includes music whether you are making it yourself of playing it.

Fun Music Team Building Activities

1. Music Tour Bus

Your team will take on the role of roadie in this mystery-style citywide bus adventure with a musical twist. Centered around the search for the band’s lead singer, your team will encounter challenging puzzles, zany activities, and a hilarious original story as they work together to crack the case. No musical talent is required!

2. Beatswork

Get ready to move and groove in this exhilarating music-based team building activity. Beatswork has the power to transform any group of teammates into a thundering percussion band.

Beatswork with TeamBonding and Catalyst

3. Boom Time

Say hello to the Boomwhacker – a lightweight plastic tube tuned to a specific musical pitch. Using these simple color-coded instruments, your group will be transformed into a hilarious orchestra. Naturally, with Boom Time, teamwork is key.

4. Crescendo

Crescendo is an ear-opening event where your team actually learns to perform together as a string orchestra – all in less than an hour. Our unique approach generates amazing results, even for those with no previous musical experience.

5. Drumming Up A Team

Create an upbeat spirit of community celebration! Team building with percussion offers a range of documented benefits, including increased employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty. Drumming Up A Team is guaranteed to create stronger, more productive teams.

team drumming

6. Playing the Blues

Learning to play harmonica is easier than you think while playing the blues. In fact, we’ll teach your entire team in a single session. It’s an excellent way to bring everyone together while injecting passion, confidence and fun into the workplace.

Blues Team Building

7. The Best Dueling Piano Show

Maybe your team would rather listen to great music rather than create it! Enjoy a memorable interactive experience as the Bangin’ 88s and their twin pianos join you live from a Boston-area recording studio. In The Best Dueling Piano Show, your guests can request songs, sing along and even direct parts!

8. Team Ukulele

In this fun event, your group forms bands to create new versions of popular songs. Everyone has a part to play. Some write, some sing, and some work out their team’s choreography. Of course, some will even play the ukulele.

Music Team Building

9. Global Music Festival

Embark on a melodious journey with our Global Music Festival Game! Utilizing our custom app, teams conquer a variety of challenges, collect points, and engage in friendly competition. The team with the highest score emerges as the unrivaled Global Music Festival Game Champion! Or if your team is remote, check out our virtual music festival experience.

Stimulate creativity and laughter and get your team synchronizing together. Music has the well-documented ability to reach deep into the subconscious. Our music team building activities help teams accomplish things they never knew they were capable of or check out our other  team building programs designed for an extraordinarily interactive experience.

Molly Chronister

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