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Guaranteed to build stronger, more productive teams. Create unity while celebrating diversity, and infuse the 21st century work environment, as well as people’s lives, with an upbeat spirit of confidence and celebration.

Group Size

12 - 200+

Time Needed

Approximately 2 hours

Space Requirement

An indoor or outdoor area large enough to hold your entire group sitting in a circle. 10 sq ft per participant is a good guide. Remember, pick somewhere you can make some noise!

Ideal For

  • Reduce stress levels during challenging times
  • Improve teamwork, communication and relationship skills
  • Energize, focus and motivate people
  • Align the participants with the organization’s values and goals
  • Stimulate creativity, risk-taking and a “can do” attitude
  • Inspire group members’ own insights into their group dynamics and into their own lives
  • Create an uplifted atmosphere of celebration in the workplace and at meetings and conferences


Energizing Rhythms™ (15 to 60 minutes):  A celebratory team building opening/closing activity for corporate events, retreats and conferences.

Rhythms Of Community™ (45 minutes to two hours): team building, energizing and celebrating rhythms for individual departments and the entire workforce.

Community Rhythm Festival™ (30 to 60 minutes): A facilitated group drumming, Drum Circle-type “jam session” to break the ice and create an upbeat spirit of community celebration.

Rhythm Teams™ (60 to 180 minutes): A cooperative, not competitive, approach to integrating teams! We work with you to divide your group into teams; each team has either a different instrument type, or a mix of the same instruments (customized to serve your themes and goals).

Leadership Rhythms™ (45 to 90 minutes): Conduct the percussion band!  Learn the fundamentals of facilitating a drum circle, then take turns practicing them with other workshop participants, as a playful
and down-to-earth way to explore Leadership Skills.

Corporate Rhythm Residency™: Combine multiple programs throughout one or more days at corporate campuses, conferences, retreats, and more.

Event Description

Drumming Up A Team offers a wonderful opportunity to engage and energize teamwork and harmony. Team building with drums has proven benefits in increasing employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity while decreasing stress.

Nuts and Bolts:  

  • Programs available using different types of instruments to fit a wide range of budgets, as well as any sound, time and space constraints.
  • All participants often play percussion together.
  • Small “take-away” percussion instruments, with or without your logo or theme imprinted, are also available for your group members to keep as fun, playable mementos of your event.
  • Check out all the different variations of what we can do for your team under customization!


Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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