The Role of Creativity in the Workplace: Fueling Growth & Innovation

Creativity in the workplace can be one of the most powerful assets you have. It can result in more innovation, increased engagement, better problem solving, boosted sales, and much more. Those are just a few of the benefits of creativity in the workplace, and there are many more. All that said, honing in on workplace creativity can be a challenge. 

Creativity is somewhat intangible. It can be hard to measure, making it difficult to track and improve. It’s also a very personal thing that often varies greatly from person to person. So how exactly can you improve workplace creativity and use it to your advantage?

In today’s blog, we’ll be covering creativity in the workplace. We’ll look at what it is, why it’s important, the benefits, and strategies you can use to improve workplace creativity. 

creativity in the workplace

Benefits of Creativity in the Workplace

So, why is creativity important in the workplace? It’s important because it comes with a large number of benefits that can help you and your business. These benefits can help you increase productivity, innovation, and much more. Let’s take some time to get a closer look at the benefits of workplace creativity. 

Creativity Success Stories

First, let’s look at a couple companies that have embraced creativity and used it as a key part of their success. Seeing these benefits play out in real life can be more impactful than just reading about them, so let’s see exactly how creativity helped them succeed. 

3M is a great example of a company that fosters and embraces creativity. As a company, they are best known for Scotch Tape and Post-It Notes. However, 3M makes a dizzying number of different products ranging from electronics and medical products to building materials and cleaning supplies. 

And how does a company become known for such a wide variety of products? Creativity. 3M earns around 3,000 patents a year for new products and designs, showing that they are constantly innovating and improving their products. They are able to stay ahead by constantly coming up with new ideas and products for their customers. 

3M even encourages its employees to spend 15% of their working time on projects outside of their job’s responsibilities. In fact, that’s actually how Post-Its (and many of their other most well known products) were invented. 

That shows that they want their employees to grow, try new things, and be creative. The push for creativity is what has helped the company create so many innovative products and set them apart from competitors. They aren’t the only creative company though. 

Another example of a company that prioritizes creativity is Reverb, a company that hosts a platform for musicians to buy and sell gear. Reverb however expresses their creativity differently than 3M. 

At Reverb, they hold a contest for new employees. They each get $1,000 to buy and sell as many guitar pedals as possible on their platform. While that may sound odd, it’s actually a very clever way to instill the importance of creativity. 

Each employee is limited to $1,000 (which can go by quickly in the world of guitar pedals). That forces employees to get creative. Maybe they decide to focus on using clever keywords and SEO so their listings get sold quickly, or maybe they use their design skills to create eye-catching listings. This contest encourages employees to get creative, but it also helps them understand the platform at the same time. 

Employees also get familiar with Reverb as they compete in the contest. They understand what it’s like for sellers, what it’s like for buyers, and what the experience is like using the platform. And since they’re getting creative trying to find ways to effectively buy and sell, they learn even more about the platform and how it works. 

For both of those companies, creativity helps them achieve success. 3M utilizes creativity to drive innovation, which boosts their sales and helps their bottom line. Reverb uses it to engage employees, inspire them, and teach them about their platform. Though they both use creativity and innovation in the workplace differently, they both reap the benefits of prioritizing it. 

creativity in the workplace

Workplace Benefits

Now that you’ve seen what creativity in the workplace can actually look like, let’s look at some of the benefits. First, let’s talk about the workplace benefits associated with creativity. 

One of the biggest benefits of creativity is increased productivity. For some, that may sound odd. How can productivity go up if people are being more creative and working on ideas that may not work out? But it makes sense once you understand the effect it has on employees. 

People like to be creative and try new ideas. Giving your employees a chance to be creative can inspire them and get them more engaged. And when employees are excited about work, they are more productive. Creativity draws them in and brings them closer to the process, which in turn makes them more motivated. 

Creativity can also improve workplace communication. Communication is a key part of the creative process, and your teams will have to work together to be more creative. Prioritizing creativity has a side effect of encouraging more open communication, which is a big benefit. 

The positives of creativity don’t stop there though. It can also have benefits for your employees. 

Employee Benefits

Tying into the previous point, people like to be creative. Giving employees the ability to get creative can make them more engaged, inspired, and excited for work. Most importantly though, it can increase employee satisfaction. 

Satisfaction is incredibly important, as it ties to things like retention, productivity, and more. Employees work better when they feel important, cared about, and satisfied with their work. Letting them be creative and encouraging that creativity will make them more satisfied, bringing along all of those other benefits. 

However, we haven’t even touched on what is arguably the biggest benefit of creativity in the workplace—growth. 

Creativity and Growth

Creativity and growth have long been connected. With creativity and innovation comes increased sales and growth. It’s a pretty simple connection. You get more creative and create new products, strategies, services, and methods; those new innovations lead to lower costs, higher profits, and increased sales. 

3M as mentioned earlier is a great example of this. Their most iconic product by far is the Post-It note, and that came directly from their push for employee creativity. That product undoubtedly helped them grow as a company and become even more successful. 

At the end of the day, companies that are constantly growing are usually constantly innovating too. Focusing on creativity will help you be innovative and stay ahead of the competition, growing your company in the process. 

mural painting team building

Creative Team Building Activities

Now, let’s look at some creative team building activities for work you can use to bolster your company’s creativity. Creativity is only one of the many reasons for team building, so you can improve creativity alongside other things like teamwork, leadership, and communication. 

One of our favorite creative team building activities is The Big Picture. This event involves teams working together to create sections of a mural which then become one giant mural. The painting encourages everyone to get creative and work together, improving workplace creativity and teamwork. Or Animate, where your team learns how to make a stop motion picture film.

However, not all teams are in-person anymore. We have lots creative virtual team building activities as well, such as Virtual Improv and Race Around the World. Though these events are very different, they are both virtual events that emphasize creativity and teamwork. 

Virtual Improv uses the power improv comedy to get your team thinking creatively and builds relationships between team members. Race Around the World on the other hand is an escape room style event, and your team will have to work together creatively to escape. 

Those are just a few examples though. We have numerous fun activities for employees that are perfect for improving creativity, teamwork, and whatever else you want to prioritize. So take a look around and find some events that you think will be a good fit for you and your team.  

Get Creative with TeamBonding

Creativity being an important part of the workplace isn’t a new concept, but it’s still something many overlook. When prioritized, it can increase innovation, employee satisfaction, engagement, boost growth, and much more. 

As a business, emphasizing creativity is key. With a strong, creative, and cohesive team, you can reach new heights and achieve your goals. Creativity can be what drives your business towards success, so don’t overlook it. 

Start getting creative with TeamBonding. We have been hosting corporate events for over 20 years, and we have a wide variety of events that prioritize creativity, teamwork, and much more. So get in touch with us today and start working to become a more creative workplace.

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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