The Big Picture

Working in small teams for The Big Picture, the group is given access to all the tools and equipment they need to create a masterpiece. Each team will work on a separate part of the piece, requiring communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas and information throughout the session.

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Event Overview

Collaborative On Canvas & Create A Large-Scale Team Mural

The Big Picture program is quite simply one of the most effective, memorable and meaningful conference team builds around. Inspire and energize your team! No need to be afraid of art or intimidated by the creative process – no experience is necessary as our experienced and enthusiastic facilitators guide your team as they create beautiful artwork. Your challenge is to produce an impressive masterpiece from many separate canvasses. The team will need to “see the bigger picture” as they pull together, communicate and collaborate to make the project a success. Individuals, sub-teams, and the entire team must all work together to produce an effective and impressive end result. The final masterpiece is huge and will prove to be a remarkable piece of art that the delegates will be proud to have contributed to and can be hung at work as a permanent reminder. The Big Picture can be completed in as little as 2 hours and are sure to brighten up any wall where they are displayed. The effects of this colorful festival of paint and people will last long after the final painted canvas has dried.

Event Details

Group Size

20 - 300

Time Needed

2+ hours

Space Requirement

A conference room with approx 25 sq ft per participant. We need tables that the team members can walk around to create their masterpiece. The mural will also need a place to be stored while they dry, a minimum of 6 hours.

Ideal For

The Big Picture emulates the dynamic pace of the daily work environment providing team members the opportunity to:

  • Strategize quickly before jumping into action
  • Analyze the possibilities
  • Organize efficiently into action
  • Manage for continual improvement
  • Inspires the team to work collaboratively and to use resources wisely

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