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Play the Blues


Program Overview

Play the Blues Harmonica music team building is an excellent way to bring co-workers together and to connect passion, confidence, and fun back to the workplace.

Starting with the basics of how to hold the instrument correctly and breathe properly, your Playing The Blues harmonica facilitator, guides you all the way to playing with a convincing classic blues sound. Within minutes, everyone on your team will be playing a real blues song together. We even include the ancient bluesy secrets of bending notes, vibrato, vocal effects and more. The grand finale features your group as the stars: perform an original blues song that you’ve created, and even take home a recording of your performance captured on CD or Video!

  • Everyone is given a harmonica to play.
  • They learn the art of the harmonica with a master musician
  • Teams create their own band and find their magic and rhythm
  • Create a song with your team being the band!

This music-themed team building activity is specifically designed to help people realize that they can accomplish things they may not have been aware of or thought they could. It’s an excellent way to bring co-workers together while injecting passion, confidence, and fun back to the workplace. Retro sunglasses and Blue Brothers hats optional.

As a souvenir of the session the team members get to take their harmonica home with them – these can be branded with your company logo or conference theme.

Play the Blues has been featured on NPR and in the MPI Magazine.


Group Size

4 - 4000+

Time Needed

Approximately 2 hours

Space Requirement

A room where participants can be seated in a semi-circle or theater style. Remember you will be making noise so please consider this when booking a venue. The House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe or any music themed location makes a great venue for this program!

Ideal For
  • Energizing a conference
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Team Dynamics

Lots of options for this program. Want glasses and hats? We got that. Want a book and play along CD by the creator of the program, we got that too! This could be the start of something big.Play the Blues

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