Create your team rhythm as you move and groove in this exhilarating music-based team-building activity. Beatswork has the power to transform any group of teammates into a thundering percussion band. No prior musical experience is required. 

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Inspirational and Fun Corporate Drumming Experience

Teaching your people to share the language of music is a terrific way to foster better communication and listening skills, both on and off the job. BeatsWork is a drumming experience that is inspirational and also happens to be loads of fun.

Led by a professional percussionist, your team starts off in small groups, each learning the basics of a different percussion instrument. After a series of rhythm-based warmup exercises, the groups rotate to try a different set of rhythms and instruments. We will rotate enough times to have everyone experience each instrument, and they will choose their favorite for the final performance.

Once they’ve practiced their newfound skills, everybody comes together for a thundering group drum extravaganza. Colleagues beat, shake, stamp and drum in time together in a pulsating display of teamwork. Even shy, reserved personalities emerge from their shells as they get swept up in the social power of room-filling music. 

BeatsWork is an all-inclusive activity where every person gets a role to play. It provides a perfect metaphor for teams working together in sync to accomplish something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Team size
  • 15-150
Time needed
  • 2-3 hours
Space requirement

You’ll need a large private space – ideally, a sound-proof conference room. Team breakout rooms are highly recommended. Chairs are optional. For groups larger than 50, you’ll want a microphone and speaker setup. We also strongly suggest using a riser as an elevated stage.

Ideal for
  • Energizing a conference
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Learning a new skill
  • Share the language of music

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