Need some custom fit team building?

Is there a special charity you want to support? Do you have a new team building idea that you’d love to try? Perhaps you’d like to combine some leadership training + team bonding exercises? During a company cruise? Piece of cake!

custom team building

Need a custom team building event for a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes? Whether you’re looking to run a custom 1,500 person scaventure (been there) or support a new cause in your community (done that), we’ve got your back. Your needs are unique, your team is original and we never take a one size fits all approach at TeamBonding. When our existing programs just don’t cut it, we pull out all the stops to help you build a 100% customized program for your team.

TeamBonding has been designing custom team building events that forge real bonds since 1988, so we have the experience and talent to help you clarify your team building objectives and create a program specifically for your team. Many of our innovative programs originated to meet a specific need of a client. Not sure what to expect? You can focus on launching your next project, while we deliver the rest:

  • A Dedicated Custom Event Planner
  • On-site facilitation
  • Program design and schedule flow
  • Logistics Management including (but not limited to) coordination with staff, venues, materials, transportation and beneficiaries
  • Upfront fee structure – an hourly rate or project based pricing.

Simple, right? Contact us now. Let’s talk details!

Group size

Whatever group size you need

Time needed

Whatever time you need

Space requirements

We’ll work with you to develop a program that fits your space, and all your other requirements.

“I just wanted to reach out to you and once again thank you for supporting me with the four simultaneous events this morning. Everything was flawless and each facilitator was fantastic. I appreciate both your hard work as well as that of your team. I am sure this will result in additional opportunities down the road. I really appreciate working with a group of professionals who just ‘get it’ and deliver as promised.”

metaball c G.B. – Metaball Creative

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