School For Spies

It’s a great way for teams to bond… Team Bond.

An international favorite, School For Spies that has been facilitated in Europe, Australia and throughout North America. Even several US Intelligence Agencies have attended our School For Spies.

School for SpiesTeamBonding first introduced School For Spies as Spy School in 1998. One of our most popular team building programs, our latest version is an enhanced, totally up-to-date evolution of our original “Spy” team building program.

The nation’s most prestigious espionage training academy, the School for Spies, is about to hold its annual graduation. Everyone attending has invested years of grueling effort to become part of the elite group that gets all the glamorous assignments. The problem is, there’s only room at the top for a few outstanding spies. So, think of this as your final exam – the chance to prove once and for all who really deserves those international assignments, flying cars and big expense accounts.

Your group is divided into teams representing high-level intelligence organizations from around the world. Each team is armed with a briefing package including coded messages, top-secret passwords, and things too highly classified to mention here. Participants must break codes, follow clues, and retrieve sensitive information, all while pushing their mental acuity (and their scruples) to the limit.  Every spy exercise requires a different set of skills and every exercise teaches them something new about themselves and each other.

School For Spies is a perfect way to become more effective at prioritization and activate effective time management techniques. This event is also really effective at pushing out-of-the-box thinking – let’s face it, success as a high level international spy these days requires a lot of right-brain ingenuity.


Group size

12 – 250

Time needed

2 – 3 hours

Space requirements

Large ballroom with tables for each team, plus additional open spaces for activities. 20 sq ft per participant is a good guide.

“School for Spies went EXTREMELY well.  Your team was great – I could not have asked for a better team building activity.”


“We were absolutely delighted with the School for Spies program. It exceeded all our expectations. Without exception, everyone in attendance participated. No one felt awkward or embarrassed. No one felt silly or singled out.”

goldman sachs J.G – Goldman Sachs, New York City

“It was fabulous! The team building training was a great success. It got folks to loosen up. They have been spreading the word around the association about your group. Thank you so much, it was just what the doctor ordered!”

nea J. C. – National Education Association

“We chose this for our team building event, and it was a HUGE success! Everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously! We have already recommended you to our other regions in the Southeast. Rob and his team were excellent facilitators keeping the energy level fast paced and high.”

Merck-Co.-Inc. A.C. – Merck & Co., Inc

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