School For Spies

A competitive game of espionage where everyone gets to play James Bond or Mata Hari. Your group works in teams of spies to save the world and, at the same time, pull covert ops on one another. Every spy exercise requires a different set of skills and every exercise teaches them something new about themselves and each other.

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Event Overview

A Great Way for Teams to Bond… James Bond.

School for Spies is one of our most popular programs worldwide, ever since the original version was introduced back in 1998. We’ve even had several real U.S. Intelligence Agencies choose this event – talk about pressure. Over the years, we’ve updated our School for Spies team building course to keep it fresh, fun and technologically current. But the basic idea (along with all the benefits) remains the same.

The scenario: this test determines which lucky grads get plum assignments with international travel, flying cars, and big expense accounts. Teams must break codes, follow clues and retrieve sensitive information, all in the name of making the world a safer place. A fun, effective team bonding training event for pushing out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving. No wonder it’s always such a hit.

Event Details

Group Size

12 – 250

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirement

Large ballroom with tables for each team, plus additional open spaces for activities. 20 sq ft per participant is a good guide.

Ideal For

School For Spies is a perfect way to become more effective at prioritization and activate effective time management techniques. This program is a wildly exciting step away from the day-to-day routine, and always filled with hilarious surprises. This event is also really effective at pushing out-of-the-box thinking –  let’s face it, success as a high level international spy these days requires a lot of right-brain ingenuity.

Secondary benefits:

  • Balancing fun and output
  • Resource management
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Goal mapping
  • Time management



An international favorite, School For Spies, has been facilitated in Europe, Australia and throughout North America. Even several US Intelligence Agencies have attended our School For Spies team building program.

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