Corporate CSI

Corporate Crime Scene Investigation

Here’s your chance to be like Grissom, Willows, and Captain Brass as you take part in your own specially designed crime scene investigation team building event, just as the forensic experts do on that very popular TV show.

CSI Team BuildingA fun and fascinating team building challenge based on the hit TV series. The Corporate CSI (crime scene investigation) program gives teams the chance to see if they could hack it as a real investigator. We’ve brought the show to life with real forensic techniques and a challenging crime to solve. If you want to take people right out of their comfort zones, look no further!

This is a howdunnit, not a whodunnit! Using a variety of authentic forensic techniques, ingenuity and good old-fashioned team work, each team will be asked to work out how a crime was committed. Corporate CSI is a team building event where your team gets to do all the intricate sleuthing, while working together in this extremely fun team building game.

An actual crime scene will be created for you and your guests – yes, right on the premises of your meeting, dinner or special corporate event.  Your co-workers and/or clients will have a “Forensic Fest,” as they set out as teams on a race against time to figure out the who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s of your specially designed Corporate Crime Scene Investigation.

As with all TeamBonding’s team building events, we do all the planning, creating and legwork. It’s the best way to guarantee you a fun, engaging and wrinkle-free team building experience.

Group size

12 - 250

Time needed

Approximately 3 hours

Space requirements

Indoors or out. It’s best if the actual crime scene can be located in a separate room or outside area, but let us know what you have to work with.

“The CCSI event was fantastic! I heard a lot of positive things from our groups. People really got into it. The TeamBonding crew was hilarious! Thank you!”

bayer K.D. – Bayer

“The CSSI event was intense! It is a pleasure working with the professionals at TeamBonding – their quick turn-around time, attention to detail and complete professionalism made my job as a planner much easier. Thanks again for everything!”

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