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Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

Classic Technology Meets Contemporary Fun

Program Overview

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TeamBonding produced our first scavenger hunt back in 1986 and since then we have created literally thousands of scavenger and treasure hunts with GPS devices, Maps, Digital Cameras, Tablets and most recently iPads and apps. Fast forward 30+ years where instant photography continues to have appeal, especially in a digital age, and we’re turning back the clock! After all, what’s more magical than the ability to hold your pictures in your hands only minutes after you take them? You may call it “retro” or “old-school” but we just call it so much fun!

So, take a trip down memory lane with our Polaroid Scaventure outdoor scavenger hunt game, a throwback to the days of the original classic instant camera! Capture your team on film while simultaneously exploring intriguing places and objects in the city or town you have chosen for your team building photo scavenger hunt. Will your team choose the easy finds or the ones that are worth more points? Will you opt for the silly photos or the more serious ones? Whatever choices you make together as a group, camaraderie and teamwork will win every time!

This popular outdoor scavenger hunt game is cleverly disguised as pure fun, but there are countless lasting benefits your team will bring back to the workplace. No wonder the Ringling Bros circus clowns chose this freewheeling team building photo scavenger hunt when they decided it was their turn to laugh!  An absolute classic, and for a good reason.

Polaroid Scavenger Hunt Logo


Group Size

12 – 1,000+

Time Needed

3 hours

Space Requirement

These hunts can be run virtually anywhere. We need a private room or space at the start of the program, as teams will need an area to gather and get the instructions for the hunt. We will also need a private space at the end of the hunt for the wrap-up and photo viewing party. Whenever possible, it is a nice addition to have food and beverages available for the end of the event.

Ideal For
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Reinforcing company identity
  • Celebrations
  • Fun reward for a job well done

This event is highly customizable – you choose the neighborhood you want to explore and we write the hunt just for you! We can even include as many as 10 company specific clues and challenges.

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