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Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

By Foot. By Limo. By Sprinter.

Program Overview

Scavenger hunts have come a long way since our first one in 1986 with 40 limousines, 240 participants and instant cameras and film.  At the time our founder created the first PolaroidPolaroid hunt Scavenger Hunt, he added Polaroid cameras so that participants wouldn’t get arrested after a scavenger hunt when the police would show up at the end to recover bar stools and other items taken.  More than one participant left in handcuffs (not on the list).  Since then TeamBonding has created literally thousands of scavenger and treasure hunts with GPS devices, Maps, Digital Cameras, Tablets and most recently iPads and apps.  Fast forward 30+ years where instant photography continues to have appeal, especially in a digital age, we’re turning back the clock.  After all, what’s more magical than the ability to hold your pictures in your hands only minutes after you take them?  Maybe you call it “retro” or “old-school”, we just call it so much fun!

Impossible you say?  As a matter of fact, it is.  We’re working with the Impossible Project who bought the last remaining Polaroid factory, and they make fresh, instant film for classic Polaroid cameras.  This popular team building exercise is cleverly disguised as pure fun, but there are countless lasting benefits your team will bring back to the workplace. No wonder the Ringling Bros circus clowns chose this freewheeling event when they decided it was their turn to laugh!  An absolute classic, and for a good reason.

Coming soon to your hunt – Polaroid One Step 2 and iType film! 

impossible project



Group Size

12 – 1,000+

Time Needed

3 hours

Space Requirement

At the end of the adventure, your whole group comes back laughing, ready to share great stories and great morale.  A private space large enough for your group to gather for event launch and wrap-up. These can be held at two different locations if you prefer. Your wrap-up location should be able to accommodate a presentation for the entire group.

Ideal For
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Reinforcing company identity
  • Celebrations
  • Fun reward for a job well done

Sprinter Scavenger Hunt Our Polaroid scavenger hunt highlights strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Weave in local history, trivia, and other customized corporate information, and you have all the makings of a fun and engaging event with a real purpose.

This hunt can be done by foot, by stretch limousine or by Mercedes Sprinter vans in the location of your choice.

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