Sand Sculpting

If your event is at a beach resort, one of the easiest and most natural ways to entertain and engage your guests is right there in the sand.

Sand Sculpting

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The Sand Sculpting program is a fun way to be creative while working together to achieve . You are given a short lesson on sand castle building including how to use the different tools that are provided. Employees are divided into teams. Each team competes in a series of all-hands-on-deck challenges from sand-skiing to relay racing. You will then design towers and work in teams to build castles based on your teams’ designs.

Building sand castles requires planning, patience, unity and teamwork. Practicing these skills promotes team spirit as you work hard to design and build a masterpiece. Building a winning sand castle will require the combined efforts of each and every team member. The Sand Sculpting staff works with the teams throughout the event helping to keep them on track and get real results.

Your team will be engaged and inspired through passion and experience, plus the knowledge of the results you can achieve: even with first timers!

Sand Sculpting with the Masters

diy beach team buildingLooking for some extra flair? Sand Sculpting with the Masters is facilitated by a professional, sand sculptor who also creates a demonstration sculpture that includes features representative of your company. The demonstration piece often includes the company logo in exquisite detail. It is a perfect photo opportunity for the participants. Some companies have photographed and used the resulting images in print ads and for company souvenirs and posters.

Group size

20 – 500

Time needed

Approximately 2 hours, but can vary slightly depending on group size.

Space requirements

An outdoor venue is required. The event does not need to be done on a beach, any large sand area can be used. However, access to water is important. A water hose can be used for this.

“THANK YOU.  You were awesome. Thank you for providing such an entertaining day, everyone really enjoyed themselves.  You guys surpassed our expectations!!”

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