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By: Lauren Baker|December 5, 2014| Save This Idea


Work TOGETHER to achieve more! These charitable team building programs not only give back to the community…they’re FUN too!

When you and your team work together, you can achieve great things. With these programs youwork together will not only gain a fully loaded team building experience, but in the process you will be working towards giving something back to the community. These programs will certainly have lasting impacts far beyond your actual TeamBonding event!

Who wouldn’t like to engage in a little friendly com-PET-ition? That’s right, your team can have the opportunity to help out pets in need by preparing supplies to be donated to local pet shelters. Pet shelters are often responsible for a number of pets and sometimes cannot provide the necessary supplies. What better way for your team to give back than to help out these local shelters?

Paws for a Cause includes a number of pet-themed games, trivia and word challenges. Teams will earn points that will allow them to purchase items from the “Pet Store” to create the items to be donated to the shelters. If you already have a shelter in mind that you would like to work with, we do our best to make that happen!


work together In our Canned Good program, your team helps local food banks restock their supplies. Teams will construct their own recreation of famous landmarks, products or logos/slogans. Your team will be put to the test to create as closely as you can, your assigned object using the tin cans that you’re given. You will also be given materials to “sculpt” and “color” your masterpiece!

This philanthropic team building program involves teamwork, leadership and creativity! And the best part? You’re giving back to the community all while having a blast!

Both Paws for a Cause and the Canned Good program promise a fun time full of teamwork, laughs and smiles all while going towards a charitable effort.

What is your favorite way to give back to the local community? Do you have a favorite charity that you like to work with?

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