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As soon as TeamBonding Facilitator Paul Giroux kicked things off, asking “Ready for an adventure?”, it was clear this wasn’t your typical corporate event.
- Caroline Lyle, Bostinno

TeamBonding Creates Team Cultures That Thrive

TeamBonding has evolved as the industry-leading experts for creating thriving team cultures, with multi-faceted team building resources and solutions for corporate leaders, event planners, and employees themselves.

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Tips for Planning a Hybrid Corporate Retreat featured in BizBash
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Corporate retreats are an ideal way for team members to relax and recharge, brainstorm ideas and work through problems, and generally get a break from the distractions of daily work life. Of course, in our new hybrid world, not every employee will be comfortable being on-site. But yes, hosting a hybrid corporate retreat is possible, with a little extra planning and the help of a strong audiovisual partner and carefully selected venue. At-home mailers can also be a fun opportunity for team building. “Look for team-building activities with kits that are shipped to participants, wherever they will be participating,” says Jayne Hannah, assistant director of corporate events for virtual, in-person and hybrid team-building event company TeamBonding, citing activities like her company's mixology or gingerbread house kits, which send materials to participants’ homes. In terms of team-building experiences that incorporate both an in-person and at-home audience, Hannah recommends avoiding activities made for large groups. “Break large groups into smaller groups made up of both in-person and virtual participants, and use video conference tools to connect,” she advises, suggesting that one person from the in-person team can be charged with holding an iPad or laptop so remote team members can be included. “When doing hybrid activities, connection is key.” And for those preplanned hybrid events, adds Hannah, “Allow time for in-person attendees to get settled before the video conference starts so virtual guests do not get confused by chatter/movement or feel out left out of the conversation. Similarly, make it clear when the event has ended so people do not wonder when it is time to leave.”

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What Makes Them Tip Podcast ft TeamBonding’s David Goldstein
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In this episode Building Together, the host of the What Makes Them Tip Podcast, Jeff Ford talks to TeamBonding's David Goldstein about having fun, team building, growth, and more.

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Pandemic Inspired Custom Corporate Outdoor Events
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Go Team – High Tech Scavenger Hunts, Corporate Survivor, Axe Throwing

“Giving people the ability to interact in a social environment while being completely safe has been a challenge that I feel we have met and succeeded,” Goldstein says. “Person-to-person interactions create fun and lasting memories while at the same time working toward a common goal.”

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TeamBonding added as a Top Key Player in the Team Building Industry

Team Building Training Market Developing Trends & Growing Popularity in the upcoming year 2019-2025

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TeamBonding Podcast Announces Season 2

Team Building Saves the World’s first episode premieres April 6th, 2021, with future episodes coming out bi-weekly on Tuesdays, and can be found on any platform you listen to your podcasts on. Additionally, this year there will be video clips to go with each episode. The podcast will have an increased social media presence, encouraging listeners to submit feedback, ask questions that may even be aired! Join host Rich Rininsland as he takes you behind the scenes to discuss the road to live events, company culture, and insights from program developers, leaders, and professionals in the team building industry.

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The Get it Done Podcast: David Goldstein interviewed on Entrepreneurship

David Goldstein has had a truly fascinating yet very successful career. We are both opportunity junkies, so we discuss how when you're out there and living business, it is fun to see all the unique ideas you can come up with. David is a master of event planning, and a very cool person who has some great stories of "Serial Entrepreneurship" that he shares with us.

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Event Pros and TeamBonding Celebrate Black History Month in BizBash Article

"Since the end of 2019, Boston-based TeamBonding has been offering a program dubbed “The White Privilege, Black Power Experience” to help open up those serious discussions that companies and teams should have."

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Prevue features TeamBonding’s Chocolate Programs

Teambonding also offers baking and cooking team building activities centered around chocolate. In the baking challenge, guests are divided into groups and given a golden ticket containing their chocolate mission statement and target market segment. Each team has to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market and develop a brand identity, marketing slogan, and packaging. Or try a Team Chocolatier workshop, where attendees learn everything from how to produce fillings like coconut, apricot, and framboise to tips on piping, shaping, and coating, along with package design.

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Whether you’re a team leader or C-level executive, the success of your company depends on your team. We’re here to answer all your questions about employee engagement activities, leadership retreats and other fun team building events. Naturally, wisdom from an industry leader can help make your path ahead way easier. Please contact us – we’re happy to help.

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