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As soon as TeamBonding Facilitator Paul Giroux kicked things off, asking “Ready for an adventure?”, it was clear this wasn’t your typical corporate event.
- Caroline Lyle, Bostinno

Allen Lund Company Teams Up With TeamBonding
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Allen Lund Company (ALC) is ensuring unbreakable bonds amongst its team, completing its fifth year working with TeamBonding at the annual Managers’ Meeting.

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5 Best Summer Team Building Activities
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Let’s beat the summer heat and bond all at the same time. Bring your corporate team together by doing something that the entire group will love and remember for years to come! With these 5 Best Summer Team Building Activities, your coworkers will be excited to spend time with their team outside of work.

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9 effective team building activities to try this year
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Beat The Box, The Charity Bike Build, Escape from Werewolf Village

Whether you're trying to mend a broken team, make newcomers feel welcome or reward a high-performing team, finding the right team building activity is key. Here are 9 popular activities and why they work.

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Team Bonding Via Ukulele

Music is a universal language. Team Ukulele fosters great teamwork as teams come together to learn a new skill and perform together at the end of it.

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Team-building activities have long been a popular way to facilitate bonds and increase trust and communication between members of groups. But these days, old-school games such as hot-dog-eating contests and egg-drop races have taken a backseat to more innovative pursuits that specifically target different industries and meeting goals.

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7 Teambuilding Activities With Philanthropic Tie-Ins
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Paint Soles For Souls, Go Green Racing

With corporate social responsibility front of mind for many brands and corporations, teambuilding activities with philanthropic tie-ins can serve as major multitaskers: In addition to unifying groups and building skills like organization, efficiency, and financial management, such activities can simultaneously benefit charitable organizations while also building goodwill. Pertaining to the environment, hunger and homelessness, children in need, military families, and other causes, these options are available in locations across the country.

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Put Down Your iPhone! The Biggest Hurdles to Employee Engagement

As a company that works with HR leaders and executives who are looking to build stronger teams within their organizations, naturally, employee engagement is a topic that is near and dear to us. It’s a term that’s been buzzing over the past couple of years as organizations search high and low for the perfect formula to decrease turnover, increase enthusiasm and maximize productivity amongst employees.

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Hot Idea: Escape Fare
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Escape from Werewolf Village

This activity gives new meaning to the word breakout.

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Event Innovators 2016: David Goldstein

Many employees tend to file team building in the same folder as other office jargon like “bandwidth” and “synergy.” Even industry pioneer David Goldstein admits the overused term gets a bad rap. But he’s made it his mission to harness “the power of play” and turn what some view as mandated fun into a rewarding experience.

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Whether you’re a team leader or C-level executive, the success of your company depends on your team. We’re here to answer all your questions about employee engagement activities, leadership retreats and other fun team building events. Naturally, wisdom from an industry leader can help make your path ahead way easier. Please contact us – we’re happy to help.

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