Ideas for Growing Your Local Community

November 11, 2017

Molly Chronister

Team Contributor

Actively enhancing your local community is essential to your organization’s success. Gain insight on why it’s so important and ways you can start. Make it a team effort and most importantly, make it fun!

Charitable events are a great way to step up and give back to your local community. There is always plenty of opportunity to do this. Any effort put forth is effort that will enhance and engage your community. It can be as simple as picking up trash on the sidewalk. Contribute what you can and watch your community transform.

In addition to being helpful to your community, your community can be helpful to you! By working together you’ll be able to network and increase the exposure of your business all while making your local community stronger. Other adults and even children will look up to you and might even make the decision to join. The more the merrier!


Get together with your team from work and try some of these activities in your city or town. You will soon find that taking part in charitable activities can even help boost office morale.

Activity ideas

Town/city common area gatherings:

Just imagine…

…if everyone volunteers a portion of their time to help out a cause, so much would get accomplished in areas that need extra attention. To help make this possible, there are companies that offer incentives for volunteer work! Participants can earn things like paid time off by participating in volunteer work, which leads to employee engagement, natural team bonding and employee retention. It’s also a perfect fit for those with very busy work/life schedules.

What will your first course of action be? What causes mean the most to you and the company you work for? Round up your team at work and set out to make a difference in your local community!

header image credit: Jason Taellious

Plays well with these activities...

Do Good Bus

Group Size: 20 – 40/bus
Time: 4 – 5 hours

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The Big Give

Group Size: 30 – 1000
Time: 2 – 3 hours

View Activity >

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