Competition Drives Us

May 13, 2017

Emily D

Team Contributor

In it to Win It competitionThey say there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to bring people together. After over 20 years of creating, hosting, and experiencing team building activities, we have proof to back that up. People love a little friendly competition, so much so that most of our programs feature some competative elements.

Competition drives us to do better

Competition works as a motivator because it pushes us to exceed. Not only are we driven to exceed our own capabilities, but also those of our teammates and coworkers as well. Friendly competition in a relaxed setting, like a scavenger hunt or a card game, encourages people to work together and to spent time together, creating social bonds which strength teamwork. Taking it a step further, competition fosters cooperation, which is the backbone of good teamwork.

“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.”  ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Now it’s easy to imagine the dark side of too much competition. Sore losers can easily spoil the fun, while overzealous winners can just as easily ruin a good thing. How do you keep the games friendly well still encouraging people to compete with each other? Well, that’s one of the secrets we’ve perfected over the years. While all of our programs feature some kind of contests, our gameshow programs are structured around they idea that competition brings out the best in teams. Our facilitators are specially trained to keep the games friendly and exciting. They’ll make sure bragging winners or sore losers won’t spoil the event for anyone.

Our gameshow program list is expanding rapidly, with two new programs being added in the last month. Our clients love the friend competitive edge to these programs, a couple of which also feature a charity element.

These gameshow programs are an excellent way to encourage friendly competition among your team. Most are based on TV shows or games the everyone is familiar with, which is a fun way to feel like you’re experiencing something special. Our facilitators are experts on making the most out of competitive energy, without letting it run wild. Learn more about what competition can do for you today!

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