Teams Against Humanity | The Card Game

Looking for a new icebreaker game? Or are you more interested in a game which encourages teamwork, while also being fun and entertaining? Well, we can help you out with both!

Inspired by the popular tabletop card game Cards Against Humanity, TeamBonding is happy to present Teams Against Humanity. With this printable card game, hilarity is sure to ensue, and in the spirit of the original game, this workplace version is only more appropriate if you want it to be.

Our game has two versions, one solo player and one for teams.

Team Building Card GameThe first version, the one where individual players compete against each other, is an ice breaker game! This version of Teams Against Humanity is full of get-to-know-you questions, and the better you know your coworkers, the better a chance you have of winning.

At the beginning of each round, the player who’s leading the round draws a question card. The remaining players write down their answers to this question on an answer card, and turn it in. A “best” answer is selected, and the player leading the round must guess who wrote the answer. If they guess correctly, they keep the question card. If they guess incorrectly, the player who wrote the answer wins the round and collects the question card. The player with the most question cards at the end of the game wins!

Version two of this game is the team building version. Players must work together and co-operate in order to win each round. Questions for the team game are less personal,team card game and therefore more open to wild and hilarious answers.

Teams divide into groups of 3 or 4 based on total number of players: a group of 15 divides into 5 teams of 3, etc.  Each member of the lead team draws a card, then either covers their eyes or leaves the room. All other players work together to select the question card, and remove the others. Each team fills out 2 answer cards, and turns them in. The lead team must then read the answers, and try to guess which question card remains. If they guess correctly, they keep the card. If not, it goes back into play. The team with the most question cards at the end of the game wins!

Both versions of the game are included in the package!

Our Teams Against Humanity download package includes instructions for both versions of this team building card game, a sheet of blank answer cards (photocopy or print more as needed), 24 solo player game question cards, and 24 team player game question cards.

Download the game HERE

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