Hakuna Matata

June 6, 2019

Lauren Baker

Team Contributor

When it comes to the workplace, we could all take a minute to de-stress and regroup!

Let’s take a little lesson from one of our favorite Disney classics, the Lion King. Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase meaning “no worries,” which Timon and Pumbaa sing so joyously in The Lion King (it’s very catchy).hakuna matata

According to a Work Stress Survey, 83% of Americans are stressed out by at least one part of their job. Stress is not only unhealthy for the body, but it can also cause you to be much less productive. That’s why we should all work to decrease any work-related stress and adopt more of a “Hakuna Matata” mindset. Check out our list of 3 ways to destress at work below!

1. Make a To-Do Listtodo

If you love post-it notes as I do, then this part will be fun for you! Making a to-do list is a great way to organize your day and prioritize. Put tasks that need to be done immediately at the top of your list and work downwards from there. It helps to put a little checkbox next to each item, that way once you complete something you can check it off- it’s a very satisfying feeling!

2. Have Some Down Time

We’re not suggesting that you nap on the job, but we do recommend that you take breaks throughout the workday to clear your mind. Perhaps taking a walk would help? After you have some downtime, you’ll come back to work with a fresh mind and you’ll be more productive.

3. Stay Healthy

Diet and exercise can help reduce your stress and make you more productive at work. Eating a healthy and balanced diet along with the daily recommended exercise can help you feel energized and ready to tackle whatever tasks come your way.  Maybe even consider adding some superfoods into your diet for an extra energy boost. This energy will help you get through your work and increase your productivity. No need to spend hours staring at your work wondering what to do, hop-to-it!

Stress can really take its a toll on the body and when it gets out of control, it can have some seriously harmful effects. We don’t want this to happen to you. Get your post-it notes out, take 5 minutes to meditate, keep active,  and maybe sing some Hakuna Matata.

We hope that these tips help you de-stress a little bit at work!

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