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About Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl Woodhouse is a 26 x Award-Winning Business Growth Strategist & Founder CEO of Advantage Business Partnerships Limited, Productivity & Wellness Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Business School Lecturer and Non-Executive Director.

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With  7-figure business success, prior Top 10 FTSE leadership career, and first-hand experience of burnout, Daryl equips leaders and entrepreneurs with all they need to achieve more, work less and avoid burnout.

Featured in our exclusive Team Building Webinar Series, Daryl shared what great mental fitness looks like, and how to get it with practical wellbeing and productivity activities.

His heavyhearted story of the emotional, financial and physical damage caused by burnout, inspires others as he openly shares how he recovered to become happier, mentally fitter, and more productive at work with a 4-day working week. This, combined with his career experience, enables Daryl to help many others to reduce stress, live happier and enjoy improved business results.

He has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders, and I know how hard it can be to consistently balance success growth at work, and happiness in life. He knows from personal experience how tough it can be to ask for help and to invest in ourselves or our teams especially when finances are tight. That said, a long-term investment over cost mindset is proven to breed the best outcomes. He also has an undeniable passion for making a difference to others, sharing his years of extensive research, business experience, and personal story of rising from the ashes of burnout to show others what great life-work success looks like, why they should want it, and how to get it.


Daryl is a highly rated speaker for large-scale conferences, business expos, and in-house events. His keynotes on mental fitness and a range of associated subjects have consistently achieved fantastic reviews and testimonials. He is in demand as a mental health motivational speaker and for his keynotes on how to improve employee motivation and productivity. As well as online webinar speaking and virtual keynote speaking.

As a highly rated motivational speaker for large-scale conferences, business expos, and in-house events, his personal experience, deep expertise, and unique tools on Life-Work Success and a range of associated subjects consistently achieve fantastic reviews and testimonials. His most popular ‘must-have’ keynote ‘8 ways to boost workplace productivity & wellbeing’ has helped thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs to work less, achieve more, and avoid burnout. He has appeared at 200+ stages, workshops and conferences live and virtually across 60+ countries, but his mission is to positively help and influence 10M+ leaders and entrepreneurs by 2030.

KEYNOTES (Virtual or In-Person)

• Achieve more in less time… Learn how to apply Daryl’s unique 3E System© (Efficiency, Engagement & Effectiveness) to easily achieve more output from the same or even less time and resource input for individuals and at scale across entire workforces

• Beat Burnout and Boost Productivity… Over the last 5 years, 70 million working days have been lost in the UK due to mental health problems. The ratios to working adults will be similar in other countries.

To help yourself and your workforce to maximize business growth, increase productivity in the workplace, improve employee engagement and wellbeing, then this keynote is a ‘must-have’.

With an undeniable passion for making a difference to others, Daryl will use research insights, experience, and his personal story of rising from the ashes of burnout to show what great mental fitness looks like, why you should want it, and five steps to getting it.

• Strategy, innovation, and leadership simplified… This gets complex when people rush or try to be overly clever. Learn how a simpler, lean approach to business and work will achieve the greatest results. Future-proof your career and business by better leveraging the rapidly evolving opportunities in our technology-driven age.

• Accelerate success with people and collaboration People are too often not prioritized as our greatest asset. Learn how a collaborative, partnership and win: win approach can propel you to success in achieving greater business success and life happiness.

• Beat the odds of business failure Why 90% of businesses fail before their 10th anniversaries, and learn how your business can survive and thrive with 9 crucial focus areas.

• Strategic Business Development Learn how a quality, ‘less is more’ approach to sales, business development and getting customers is guaranteed to generate the better performance results than ‘quantity over quality’.

When you hire Daryl, in your event build-up he will:

1: Join a team conference call to agree on the best way he can help make your event a huge triumph

2: Provide a personalized promotional video for your event to help build the excitement

3: Create a tailored article for your newsletter and online content.

For your event follow up, Daryl will:

1: Attend a follow-up team conference call

2: Review what worked and what can be better next time

3: Produce a custom ‘key takeaways’ video for the attendees and non-attendees

4: Create a tailored article for your newsletter and online content.

Watch Daryl’s webinar Work Smarter to Live Happier: 8 Actions to Avoid Burnout here!


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