Eric Bailey

A global motivational keynote speaker and leadership expert, transforming teams with NBA-level energy. One of the world's most versatile experts with top-rated keynotes and workshops.

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About Eric Bailey

Eric commands the stage with the intensity of a true champion. Eric's journey of resilience and perseverance has made him a global inspiration. A Certified Speaking Professional, a rare distinction held by fewer than 800 speakers worldwide, Eric has inspired over 4.5 million people across 13 countries. His keynotes resonate with diverse audiences, including major clients like Qantas and Nike. Eric's infectious positivity and passion leave a lasting impact, making him the ideal keynote speaker.

Read about the keynotes he offers below.

Is your organization struggling to maintain a cohesive company culture and high employee morale?

Eric is here to offer practical solutions. With his unparalleled expertise in motivational speaking and leadership development, he can inject the energy and excitement of an NBA Finals Championship into your next event, helping you energize your team and strengthen your leadership.

The workshops and keynotes listed below are designed to address common workplace challenges like fostering a sense of unity and motivation among teams. Through inspiring talks and interactive sessions, he can equip your team with the tools and mindset needed to excel. From strategies for effective communication and team collaboration to techniques for maintaining a positive mindset and work-life balance, Eric offers actionable insights to reignite your team’s passion and drive.

By helping your team to clearly define their vision and set achievable goals, Eric empowers teams to stay motivated and aligned with the company’s mission. This approach enhances individual performance and fosters a sense of collective purpose and direction.

With Eric Bailey, your team will feel that adrenaline rush, the thrill of victory, and the determination to succeed. So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce and cultivate a culture of resilience, innovation, and engagement, it’s time to discover the transformative power of Eric’s keynotes.

Eric’s Most Requested Keynotes include [Virtual & In-Person Keynotes available]:


Your playbook to triumph over adversity.
Drawing from Eric’s journey from the streets of South-Central Los Angeles to becoming a global motivational speaker, you’ll learn to harness resilience and overcome challenges. Discover how to embrace your inner champion, navigate setbacks with grace, develop a championship mindset, forge unbreakable determination, and cultivate your championship DNA. Transform adversity into triumph and challenges into opportunities with “Rise Beyond.”


Ignite the leader within you.
Leadership is a mindset that empowers you to excel and inspire others. As a global motivational speaker and sports and business pioneer, Eric will equip you with the tools and insights to elevate your leadership capabilities. Through engaging stories and actionable strategies, you’ll master the art of influence, set a vision for success, navigate challenges with poise, create a culture of excellence, and unlock your leadership potential.


This transformative program will provide you with insights, strategies, and inspiration to break free from limitations, embrace change, and become your best self. You’ll learn to unleash your inner potential, navigate change with grace, craft a vision for your future, cultivate a balanced life, and ignite lasting transformation. “Slam Dunk Your Transformation” is designed to help you realize your untapped potential and achieve continuous growth.
Ready to slam dunk your personal journey to victory?


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