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About Frank Feather

Frank is a leading authority on How AI-Tech and Socio-Economic Trends will Impact Your Business and Your Customers. He'll teach you how to anticipate Future Trends and how they will Impact your Business and especially your Customers.
  • HOW to REINVENT YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR LIFE – What Will Happen … What to Do About It.
  • AUTHOR: “AI-FUTURE: Reinventing Everything” (due 2020)
  • Uncanny Trend Forecasting Track Record.
  • Spoken in every US State/Cdn Prov., across Europe, Latin America, S.E.Asia, and many cities in China.
  • 800+ Delighted Audiences, 5+ Million people.
  • One of “Top Futurists of All Time” (Encyclopedia of Future).
  • Frank is a leading authority on How AI-Tech and Socio-Economic Trends will Impact Your Business and Your Customers.
  • Only the Future is Manageable. Hence you must anticipate Future Trends and how they will Impact your Business and especially your Customers.
  • We are in a Digital Economy and, by implication, you must be Digitally Competitive. Hence you must DigiTransform and Reinvent the business using AI.
  • Frank will Explain the Probable Trends (no hype, no fads), and what Your Business needs to do, to be out front of Change … and ahead of Competitors and Disruptors.
  • Delegates will Come Away with rock-solid Future-Proof million-dollar Ideas and Strategies on what to do tomorrow.
  • You will Learn how to Lead your Marketplace and “WOW” Customers. … Bank on it!
  • Clients and audiences include: Apple, BICC, Chase, Dell, Exxon, First Data, Ford, GM, HP, IBM, J&J, KFC, London Life, Marriott, Nokia, Olivetti, P&G, Qualcomm, Radisson, Shell, Toyota, United Tech, VW, Xerox and Zenith.


(Always Customized to Your Needs)

  • How “AI” Will Reinvent Everything ●

There’s nothing “artificial” about AI. It’s very real, and about to become “Advanced Intelligence.” This will bring the biggest sci-tech revolution in history. AI will totally reinvent everything, including humans. We have no option but to embrace it and use it for its awesome potentials.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. AI Bio-Tech Convergence
  2. How AI will Reinvent Business
  3. How AI will Reinvent Society
  4. How AI will Reinvent Life
  5. How AI will Reinvent Humans

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You

  • “AI-Digital” Decade 2020-2030 ●

The 2020s will be a decade of quantum change. We have entered a “Mental” Webolution era, where AI and related tech, along with 5G and Quantum computing, will reinvent everything. Companies have no option but to reinvent themselves and use its awesome potentials.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Digital Workplace + Workstyles
  2. Quantum Networks + Personal Gadgets
  3. Custom 3D Printing + Autonomous EVs
  4. Electric + Solar Power Revolution
  5. Digital Economy + 100% Digital Money

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You

  • Future-Proof “AI” Digi-Transform ●

The AI digital revolution continues unabated. It will be even more disruptive as old business models get reinvented or scrapped. You can’t compete by simply upgrading tech. And the CIO/CDO can’t do it alone. The entire enterprise needs to be reinvented to prosper.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Digi-Transform: Culture + Tech
  2. AI-Webolution: Future Tech
  3. Digi-Consumers: Next Marketplace
  4. Digi-Competitors: Endless Disruption
  5. AI-BizNets: Reinventing Business

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You


  • Customer-Driven “CX” Innovation ●

Innovation must be constant … 24/7 … and relate to future Consumer Expectations. The world changes in “beta” mode. Innovation also must be in “beta” mode, or it will not be “future-proof”. Get way ahead of the curve: be your sector’s game-changing innovation leader.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Future Scope: “Big picture” Innovation
  2. Market Scope: Customer Needs (CX)
  3. Beta Mode: Sustained Innovation
  4. Team Culture: CX-Driven Employees
  5. Success: Digitally Competitive Leader

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You

  • Employee “IQ+EQ=CX” Culture ●

Employees need a blend of hard skills (IQ) and soft skills (EQ) to optimize Cutomer Experience (CX). They need inspiring leadership to motivate them to be an unbeatable team. This will create a “wow” team spirit and a “wow” CX to celebrate, as you win the marketplace.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Breaking Down the Silo Mindset
  2. Focusing on Customer Expectations
  3. AI-DigiTransforming all Processes
  4. Reskilling / Upskilling Talents
  5. Celebrating Successful Teamwork

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You

  • Economic “Super-Boom” to 2030 ●

Frank long ago identified a repetitive 9.5-year economic cycle in North America. He forecast the last 3 recessions [1991-2, 2000-1, 2009-10] in his 1989 book G-Forces … along with the next Recession to occur in 2020, followed by another Boom of unprecedented proportions.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Short-Term Economic Outlook to 2021
  2. AI-Driven Next Boom Cycle to 2030
  3. Best Future Business Opportunities
  4. Future Growth Rates by Industry
  5. Risks -v- Rewards: Digitize or Die

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You

  • “A-Z” of Futuristic Leadership ●

Only the Future is Manageable. You can’t manage the Past; the Present doesn’t exist. Many companies fight fires or maintain the status quo. They slither backwards. Futuristic leaders lead into the Future. They focus on the long-term mission … and attain extraordinary goals.

5 Main Topics (customized):

  1. Non-Leader: Status-Quo Manager
  2. Focused: Strategic Action Visionary
  3. Out Front: “See + Map” the Future
  4. Decisive: Drive AI-Innovation
  5. Roadmap: Achieve Moonshot Goals

+ 5 Strategic Implications for You


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