Activities to Help Motivate Your Team in 2020

Did you know that team building increases trust, encourages communication, increases collaboration, and decreases conflict? Are you considering starting the new year right by introducing your team to team building activities?

Find out all about New Year activities you and your team can do for building trust and comradery. Read on to discover these specially picked activities that are designed for team building for a stronger team.

Why You Should Do Team Building

Motivate Your Team in 2020

There are many reasons to do team building, from decreasing conflict to encouraging communication. Explore the different reasons why you’ll want to include team building in the new year.

Improve Communication

Whether there are communication problems or not, they are bound to come up. Remember the game telephone? It shows how communication can get lost over time. The message starts off with one person, and as it gets whispered from one person to another the end result can be entirely different. This will show your team that when they’re relaying information, it’s important to hear it directly from the source. It’s easy to forget in the workplace how often this can happen, especially in different departments. Team building activities are vital to increasing communication between teams, which can essentially lead to quicker and more positive outcomes.  A good example of strengthening communication skills is through  Corporate Social Responsibility activities.  This can be accomplished through volunteer work such as donating to a local charity, or hopping on the Do Good Bus with your team.

Decrease Conflict

Has your team been having multiple conflicts which then leads to delay in production? Consider different games and exercises that’ll encourage peace and stronger bonds. You could have a scavenger hunt and have the conflicting teams work together to achieve a certain goal. If they work together and finish the scavenger hunt, there should be a prize for the winners.

Build Trust

Team building includes building trust. If your team doesn’t seem to trust each other, games that build trust could be the perfect activity. A quick example of an exercise would be to find an obstacle course in your area and have your employees blindfolded and stand in line. Have a rope that they’ll grab onto and have the team try to navigate the obstacle course together, encouraging trust and communication skills. In general, you want to choose exercises based on team development that focuses on core competencies, like trust, to unify your team.

Team Building Activities

Motivate Your Team in 2020

When choosing an activity, it’s important to decide what you feel your team needs most currently, and choose a game or activity based on that. There are multiple activities and games that can improve multiple problems whether they are trust, conflict, or communication, and not having to choose one. Whatever your needs are, improving your work culture through teamwork is the goal.

Game Shows

You’d be surprised at how a popular game show can turn into fun employee engagement activity. The best demonstration of teamwork is when there is a goal to win!

Charity Work

Volunteering is great, especially when you’re looking for New Year activities. Consider having a CSR day to bond with each other,  boost morale,  and make a positive difference in the lives of people who need it most. If you can’t do it during the week, you could consider having a volunteer event on the weekend such as volunteering at a soup kitchen or an orphanage.

Thrilling Sports

Some teams will thrive off an exciting experience such as go-karts, scuba diving, or zip-lining.  Other thrilling sport ideas are also mountain climbing, surfing, rafting, or bungee jumping. While these events can be expensive, it’s a great way to reward your employees for a great year and welcome the start of a new year. If your team isn’t that daring, there is always indoor activities to stick to.

Solving a Problem

Come up with a fictional problem that must be solved. Whether it’s a design, riddle, or brain teaser is up to you. Have your team come up with an idea on a big piece of paper. Just a sentence or two is fine. Next, have them pass the paper to the person to the left. Have that person use that new idea to create another solution. After several rounds, see what they come up with. This will show your team that each person’s input counts toward the end result. It has your team working together to solve a problem and brainstorm ideas.

Virtual Reality

A great team building experience is through virtual reality.  Your team can not only experience VR for the first time, but it can help your team see how effective and fun it is to embrace change and new technology.  With the start of 2020 and new technology releases, Virtual Reality is a new activity readily available for your team to experience together.
We’re talking about experimental learning through simulation and role-playing. We call it Infinite Loop, a virtual reality escape room game. A team of players exchange roles in the real world to save a young man trapped in the virtual world. Each team receives a VR headset, and each team member takes turns looking into the headset. They describe what they see for team members to solve different puzzles. With an electronic leaderboard to encourage competition, this game provides continuous feedback and improvement for teams which helps them solve problems in more efficient ways. The more accurate a team member is in describing their virtual world, the more likely their team is in solving the puzzle.

Best New Year Activities for Teams

When you’re looking for the best New Year activities for teams, keep this list in mind to plan and decide what activity is best.

Are you ready to find the perfect team building activity? Contact us today and we can make it happen!

Plays well with these activities...

Beat The Box

Group Size: 10-600
Time: 2-3 hours

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Group Size: 12 – 1200
Time: 1 - 2 hours

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Outbreak – Escape the Virus

Group Size: 10-100
Time: 2-3 hours

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