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Paint Soles For Souls

A colorful addition to the TOMS One For One program

Program Overview

Paint Soles for SoulsPaint Soles for Souls is a fun team building event that lets your team give to those in need while tapping their Soles for Solesinner artists. The results? Vibrantly painted footwear, along with happier, more engaged employees. It’s always a fun, uplifting experience for everyone

Your facilitator leads team trivia contests, team challenges and more – they’ll even put their heads together to come up with creative marketing campaigns. Once the lighthearted competition ends, all shoes and tote bags are donated to kids who would otherwise go without. We have a terrific charity for the donation that provides a wonderful video and fact sheet as a great way to remind everyone how good it can feel to make a difference.

At wrap up, each team will present their painted shoes and packaging in front of the judges and a winning team will be declared! However, the true winners will be the recipients of the shoes! We work with a charity that builds sustainable schools in Guatemala who can be the recipient of the donation and will deliver them directly to the children. For every pair shoe we supply, TOM’s will also donate a pair of shoes to children in need through their One for One campaign.


Group Size

Up to 100

Time Needed

2 hours

Space Requirement

20 sq. ft. per team

Ideal For
  • Retreats and celebrations
  • Project start-ups, conclusions or mid-project motivation
  • Annual meetings

Every program we offer can be tailored – in fact, we like it that way.  The number of shoes and totes that you paint and donate can also be tailored to your needs and budget.

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